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Greeley drove over to Sudley's Gulch to make a will for this man; Cynthia and I went with him. The man died a few days ago. Among his papers was a notebook in which was recorded the marriage of Queenie Walden and Theodore Starr! The man was a a magistrate, the thing was legal Little Cyn is my niece!"

At least, we could imagine no other reason for the move, since the growing dump at this upper working was entirely barren of ore, and remained so. On our own part we were able to get back at Blackwell only in small ways. When he tried to shut us out of our wagon road right-of-way in the gulch, we beat him in the courts and made him pay damages for obstructing us.

"Learned that when I was a boy." "Know the difference between joint powder and the black stuff?" "Yes; though I never handled giant powder myself." "Wal, don't be too free with it, that's all. And, say!" he called, as Wakefield in his turn made as if to go. "Look's like as though you'd got somethin' up to Lame Gulch. Wal, you hold on to it, that's all!" "You believe in Lame Gulch, then?"

"So do I, now that I understand," earnestly. "Although I confess your intimacy was a shock to me this noon. Well, I am going to busy myself also and take a scouting trip to La Rosita." "Is that Lacy's mine?" "Yes; up the gulch here about two miles. I may pick up some information worth having. I am to see you again alone?" "We must have some means of communication; have you any suggestion?"

The gold, as fast as it was taken out of the cave, was carried, in sacks made from blankets, to the opening in the wall of rock that gave entrance to Crooked Arm Gulch, and from there lowered to the ground with ropes. Each night all the workers returned to the camp under the Big Tree.

Then they turned and rode the downward trail, and on the level plain gave free rein to the horses so that they went like hounds unleashed and skimmed the plain and leaped the gulch nor stayed till they reached the Fort and the friendly door where the soldier grooms were waiting. They rode again the next day, circling the plain where the Indian race had been run and pointing out familiar objects.

There were many residents of Springtown who had a sentiment for the Peak, more intelligent and more imaginative than any Marietta could boast, yet it is probable that the best nature-lover of them all shared something of her feeling, now that she had come to regard the Peak as the mountain on the other side of which the Lame Gulch treasures lay awaiting their resurrection.

At one side of the house stood an ancient, moss-covered, hollow pine log, into which a pipe ran from the spring, a few paces back in the gulch. This was the old stage watering-trough, made by Dad himself when the big cabin was built. Directly up the road a hundred paces stood the old stone chimney, a famous landmark of the region. Mr.

Dunfer, his fragmentary revelation, and the unsatisfying explanatory note by the headstone, came back with singular distinctness. I wondered what had become of Jo., and I turned sharply round and asked my prisoner. He was intently watching his cattle, and without withdrawing his eyes replied: "Gee-up, old Terrapin! He lies aside of Ah Wee up the gulch. Like to see it?

Yet, singularly enough, it was not the cowboy, mounted on his half-broken bronco that interested Jim; not the ranch wagon, piled high with farm produce, women, and children; not even the Lame Gulch "stage," a four-seated wagon, so crowded with rough-looking men that their legs dangled outside like fringe on a cowboy's "shaps," none of these sights made much impression on the sick man at his upper window.