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"Why, the earth attracts the electric bolt, and that attraction is much stronger than any the Snowbird may have for the electricity in the clouds," Mark told him. "I don't know erbout dat," grumbled Wash. "An' if jest one o' dem crazy lightning bolts should take it into its haid ter segastuate eround disher flying merchine biff! bang! dat would be erbout all.

But the pounding of many feet approaching over the rising ground evidently, as Mr. Henderson had said, the foothills of the mountain range warned Mark and the hunter to keep still. In the partial light they saw a group of tall men, all armed, running past them in the direction the wounded Snowbird had been blown. "Hush!" whispered Andy. "Indians!"

They could see down into the green depths of the crevasse, but not far along the shelf on which the Snowbird rested, in either the one direction or the other. "Whar you goin', Massa Jack?" demanded Wash, as the boy started away from the flying machine toward the nearest wall of rock that shut in the glacier. "I want to see what lies beyond that turn," replied the youth.

One winter, during four or five weeks of severe weather, several of our winter birds were pensioners upon my bounty, three blue jays, two downy woodpeckers, three chickadees, and one kinglet, and later a snowbird junco appeared. I fastened pieces of suet and marrow-bones upon the tree in front of my window, then, as I sat at my desk, watched the birds at their free lunch.

A light rope ladder unrolled and fell upon the upper deck, or platform of the Snowbird, and the man came down this ladder, hand under hand, and in half a minute stood in their midst. He was a small, gray man gray suit, gray hair and close-cropped mustache, and gray face, colorless and deeply lined. His age would be hard to judge.

It would have been foolhardy indeed to attempt to get at the provisions. "You see," Mark said, "we are forced to get away in the Snowbird at once, or to escape to some town where we can get food. There isn't much left of our stores on the flying machine." "And what will Mr. Roebach do about his dogs? They must be fed," said Jack.

Here, some of you fellows, run down to the cove and tell my skipper to come here at once." So I stood there, just outside the door, watching a man scramble down the road, who finally returned with Stefansson. Helen stood perfectly still, except for the toe of one of her boots, which was tapping a tattoo on the boards. "Get the Snowbird under weigh at once," I shouted. "Run up to St.

Often he is poetically imaginative, occasionally romantic, and generally picturesque. Roan Mountain, Grandfather, the Lone Bald, Craggy Dome, the Black Brothers, Hairy Bear, the Balsam Cone, Sunset Mountain, the Little Snowbird, are names that linger lovingly in one's memory.

But he, too, thought the object must be a bird. "I declare, I didn't know birds flew so high," said Mark. "It must be an eagle. No other fowl could fly so high." "'Nless it were Buttsy," remarked Washington, sotto voce. The professor was still asleep and the boys paid little attention to the flying object for some time. It was coming up behind the Snowbird, and they had no occasion to look behind.

It was in the midst of a reverie of this sort that a low exclamation from Kennedy recalled my attention. There was Snowbird with a man considerably older than herself. They had just come in and were looking about frantically for Whitecap. But Whitecap had been too frightened by the story in the Star to sell any more of the magic happy dust openly in the cabaret, at least.