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Do you hear, young people," raising his voice, "or does that little scamp of a baby take all your ears?" "We hear, Grandpapa," said Polly from the floor, "and I'm very glad. It will be good fun to get up a Christmas Tree." "Seeing you never have had that pleasing employment," said Jasper sotto voce, on the rug before the fire. "Never mind; it'll be just as good fun again," said Polly.

She laughed, but 'sotto voce', in bending her head close to his and whispering, "I hope she'll be equal to her 'mise en scene'. It's really very nice. So simple." Besides the gauze veil, there was no preparation except in the stretch of black drapery which hid the book-shelves at the farther wall of the library. "Mrs. Westangle's note is always simplicity," Verrian returned. "Oh yes, indeed!

"How do you do? and where did you pick up this creature?" she asked, looking curiously at the importation. "Near George IV. Bridge, on this side of it, and I just took hold of her and brought her off to you at once. I don't believe" this was said sotto voce "that she has a particle of clothing on her but that frock." "Very likely. What is your name, my child?" "Baubie Wishart, mem."

If I'd remembered to answer you in French, you would never have known the difference between me and those old ladies who came in first." "Old ladies, indeed! I'll never advertise again if this is what it means!" sighed the lady sotto voce. She looked across the room, met a gleam of amusement in her husband's eyes, and said in a tolerant voice, "Well, then, let me hear you now!

I muttered, sotto voce, but loud enough for him to hear; and turned away from him angrily, leaving him still standing in his pet attitude, taking mental stock of all the fast-looking fair ones who might come under his notice. "Oh, bother?" I am not prepared to assert positively that I did not use a much stronger expletive. He ought to have seen them!

The direction of the primitive rock near Cape Sotto is from north-east to south-west; its strata incline fifty degrees to the north-west. The mica-slate is silvery white, of lamellar and undulated texture, and contains garnets. Strata of quartz, the thickness of which varies from three to four toises, traverse the mica-slate, as we may observe in several ravines hollowed out by the waters.

"And, then, five trunks for one single man! Heavens! what can he have in them" said Cousin Emma. "Perhaps his confederates, to spring out upon us at night, after everybody's asleep." "Are you sure you remembered him, papa?" said Kitty sotto voce. "Certainly.

"These fellows are sitting down to supper with bombs under their chairs," he said sotto voce. "That is to say, each thinks that a bomb is there and hopes that it will kill his neighbor. We have no sympathy in our public life here the conditions are altogether against it.

He listened attentively to the preliminary explanations given him sotto voce by Endicott. Segrave in the meanwhile had taken the latter's place at the head of the table.

Even if they actually saw me if I actually came among them with that name, and if he was not present to contradict it his own servants would be the first to say, 'We knew she would marry him, after all! And my lady-patronesses, who will be ready to believe anything of me now we have quarreled, would join the chorus sotto voce: 'Only think, my dear, the report that so shocked us actually turns out to be true! No.

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