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She had been snarling with two or three of her classmates over the afternoon preparation, and had flounced off in a rage by herself. She felt a touch on her arm, and turning round saw Emily Mence, a rather uncouth, clever girl, whom she hardly knew. "I just came to say, Why are you such an idiot?" "Me?" "Yes, why do you lose your temper like that?

"I will, Mademoiselle," said Pixie meekly, so meekly that her companions fondly hoped that such exemplary submission would win forgiveness; but no, Mademoiselle flounced downstairs, and Pixie followed at her heels, to seat herself in solitary state at one end of the deserted schoolroom, while Mademoiselle took possession of the desk and began to correct a pile of exercise books.

Being a civilian hospital they were short-staffed. "Everyone seems mad on war work," said one sister to me peevishly, "they seem to forget there are civilians to nurse," and she flounced out of the room. I was delighted! This was something I really did understand. It was topping to hear the guns blazing away once more.

"At last I have something good to look at in this room." He turned his eyes caressingly towards the new coal-scuttle. "I suppose I shall have to clean it myself!" Doris laughed again this time almost hysterically but was checked by a fresh entrance of Jane, who, with an air of defiance, deposited a heavy parcel on a chair beside her mistress, and flounced out again.

'Not a bit, sez I; 'he wouldn't answer ye if ye did. Ye'll never hear from that chap agin." "But what the devil" interrupted the young man impetuously. "Keep yer hair on!" remonstrated the old man with dark intelligence. "Ef you'd seen the way she flounced into her state-room! she, Rosey, ez allus moves ez softly ez a spirit you'd hev wished I'd hev unloaded a little more.

Mr Easy threw himself panting in agony on the other sofa, and Dr Middleton was excessively embarrassed how to act: he perceived that Mr Easy required his assistance, and that Mrs Easy could do without it; but how to leave a lady, who was half really and half pretendedly in hysterics, was difficult; for if he attempted to leave her, she kicked and flounced, and burst out the more.

The punishment for that is a prefects' beating. There'll be a pre.'s meeting here to-morrow at eight, and if you have anything to grouse about, go to the Chief." He flounced out of the room like a heroine of melodrama. "I don't think we'll go to Chief," said Gordon, "he would be utterly fed up. But I am jolly well not going to be made an ass of by Rudd.

They were bright, ill-mannered brats, who pestered their parents and worried their teachers, and were as happy as the Road was long. "Bother the school fees!" Peter retorted, vexed. "Mr. Cantercot's not responsible for your children." "I should hope not, indeed, Mr. Crowl," Mrs. Crowl said sternly. "I'm ashamed of you." And with that she flounced out of the shop into the back parlour.

'Take care the serpula don't! as James hurriedly opened the door leading to the stairs disposed of the raw meat on one step and the serpulas on another, and hurled after them the heap of seaweed, all but one trailing festoon of 'Luckie Minnie's lines, which, while his back was turned, Louis by one dexterous motion wreathed round the crown of his straw hat; otherwise never stirring, but washing quietly on, until he rose as little Priscilla opened the door, and stood aside, mutely overawed at the stream of flounced ladies that flowed past, and seemed to fill up the entire room.

Father wouldn't like it, either." "Oh, we're not going to hurt the precious radio," sniffed Dick. "Don't you think we know anything?" "Not much," fluted Nancy as she flounced away. "At least she does not flatter us," grinned His Highness, quite unruffled by the girl's frankness.