'Well, you have done well enough for to-day, she grumbled; 'but to-morrow you'll have something more difficult to do, and if you don't do it well, you pampered brats, straight into the oven you go.

They hed the pneumonia, an' whoopin'-cough, an' croup; an' in summer, bein' a perverse set o' brats, 'Fambly' hed fever an' ager, an' similar ailments common ter the young o' the human race, the same ez ef 'Fambly' war folks!

The woman had listened to her attentively, and when Nefert ceased speaking she said: "But I have still three little brats of my son's to feed, for his wife, who was a washerwoman, was eaten by a crocodile while she was at work. Poor folks must work for themselves, and not for others. If the princess did not pay us, I could not think of the wounds of the soldiers, who do not belong to me.

His blue naked shanks, miserably shivering under his leather apron, looked so enormously ridiculous when contrasted with the fully-dressed body and the venerable beard. "Yes, you grin!" said Pipman, laughing too. "But suppose it was you had to take off your trousers in front of the old clothes' man, and wanted to get upstairs respectably! Those damned brats! 'Pipman's got D. T., they yell.

Gerty wished to goodness they would take their squalling baby home out of that and not get on her nerves, no hour to be out, and the little brats of twins. She gazed out towards the distant sea.

"You are not to reprimand her," said Force hastily. "I wouldn't have you do that for the world. She'd always have it in for me if she knew that I but, what nonsense I'm talking. They are little ingrates anyhow all of them. Good Lord, Bingle, I can't understand what you see in the brats." "I know you can't," said Mr. Bingle mildly. "That's just the difference between us."

He'd think nothing of slapping my shoulder in the club before a dozen members, and asking me if I meant to leave my wife's brats on his hands." "Do you really think so? Oh, Katherine would never let him. She dearly loves the boys." "Wait till she has a son of her own." "Even so. She has her faults, I know.

'Who? 'Why, that Mr. Reddin. 'What's he done? 'Oh, I know! But I wouldn't soil me mouth, only I'm thinking you'd ought to know. She looked triumphant. 'He's after that there Sally something as lives nearby. They do say as all her brats be his. 'Mr. Reddin's? Is he like married to her, Martha? 'About as much as he was to you, I reckon! 'And does she live there now? 'I dunno.

"But I tell you I will not allow a downtrodden beggar-woman to force her way into an illustrious family, and rob the rightful heirs of their inheritance by saddling her decrepit husband with brats that are the fruit of her base amours." At these words Kecskerey laughed louder than ever. "Since your return you have become quite a moral man, I see.

Several fishy hands helped her up, and Charlie said, as he scattered the scarlet garments over the grass with an oar, "We had a jolly good swim before dinner, and I told the Brats to spread these to dry. Hope you brought your things, Rose, for you belong to the Lobsters, you know, and we can have no end of fun teaching you to dive and float and tread water." "Oh, that sly Phebe!