But the strangest exposition of this ruling passion was in the other the pestilence-stricken, broken, miserable shadow of a man who derived so much entertainment from the circumstance that he seemed to forget his own ruin in thinking of it, and laughed outright when he said 'that Scadder was a smart man, and had draw'd a lot of British capital that way, as sure as sun-up.

Don't talk so loud! D'you want to git us killed? Which one got it?" "Purdy. De pilgrim shoot heem 'cause he run off wit' he's girl." "Pilgrim! What pilgrim! An' what girl? Ain't that Tex Benton's horse, an' Cinnabar Joe's ?" "Uh-huh, A'm bor' heem Tex boss for ketch Purdy. An', Ba goss, he shoot heem on he's head after Purdy draw'd!" Moore stared aghast. "What? A pilgrim done that?

But we was nigh enough then; and just as the Ingin was reaching down from his pony for the kid, Al Thorpe he was a powerful fine shot draw'd up his gun and took the red cuss off his critter without the paint-bedaubed devil know'n' what struck him. "The boy, seeing us, broke and run for where we was, and I reckon the rest of the Ingins seen us then for the first time, too.

"Not zackly, Brer Rastus. I des tuck'n draw'd out. De members 'uz a blame sight too mutuel fer ter suit my doctrines." "How wuz dat, Brer Remus?" "Well, I tell you, Brer Rastus. W'en I went ter dat chu'ch, I went des ez umbill ez de nex' one.

Of course, they gave you another name, for short; ah, Robin! I thought so. Well, that ain't a bad name neither. There was Robin Hood, you know, what draw'd the long-bow a deal better than the worst penny-a-liner as ever mended a quill. An' there was a Robin Goodfellow, though I don't rightly remember who he was exactly." "One of Shakespeare's characters," interposed Robin.

The skipper had been watching me very closely from his seat on the taffrail, and had kept the ship within easy distance. Now, suspecting something out of the common, he sent the boat again to my assistance, in charge of the cooper. When that worthy arrived, he said, "Th' ol' man reckens yew've got snarled erp'ith thet ar' loose keow, 'n y'r irons hev draw'd from th' other.

The water was quite clear and still, and seemed to have caught all the little light as was left by the sun, for the skies had got pretty dark, I tell you; and I could see his head quite clear agin the water well, I draw'd trigger, and the hull charge ripped into 'em and there was a scrabblin' and a squatterin' in the water now, I tell you but not one on 'em riz not the darned one of the hull bunch; but up jumped both the others, and I drawed on the drake more by the whistlin' of his wings, than that I seen him but I drawed stret, Archer, any ways; and arter I'd pulled half a moment I hard him plump down into the creek with a splash, and the water sparkled up like a fountain where he fell.

"In jump Brer Wolf, down come the led, en inter de hasp went de hook, en dar Mr. Wolf wuz. Den Brer Rabbit went ter de lookin'- glass, he did, en wink at hisse'f, en den he draw'd de rockin'- cheer in front er de fier, he did, en tuck a big chaw terbacker." "Tobacco, Uncle Remus?" asked the little boy, incredulously. "Rabbit terbacker, honey.

From that day to this he has been following the lead of the renowned Simon Suggs, who, having in true camp meeting style acquired "the grace of God," turned loose as an exhorter shouting "Step up to the mourner's bench, my brethering, step up lively, and be saved! I come in on na 'er par, an' see what I draw'd! Religion's the only game whar you can't lose. Him that trusts the Lord holds fo' aces!"

I venture to say that if you sarch the earth all over with a ten-hoss power mikriscope, you won't be able to find such another pack of poppycock gabblers as the present Congress of the United States of America would be able to find find among their constituents. Gentleman of the Senit & of the House, you've sot there and draw'd your pay and made summer-complaint speeches long enuff.