Immediately, like a dog, the woman crept in and sat far away from the fire in a corner of the room. "Ye'll pardon me," said Mrs. Fitzpatrick to Kalmar, "fer not axin' ye in at the first; but indade, an' it's more your blame than mine, fer sorra a bit o' thim takes afther ye." "They do not resemble me, you mean?" said the father. "No, they are the likeness of their mother."

"We hain't axin' 'em no questions, an' we hain't answerin' none. Ye done come hyar with dawgs, an' we hain't stopped ye. We've done answered all the questions them dawgs hes axed. We done treated you an' yore houn's plumb friendly. Es fer them other men, we hain't got nothin' ter say ter 'em. They done come hyar because they hoped they could git me in trouble. They done failed.

But a sort of hysteric courage grew out of his desperation. "Doctah Williams Atkinson, sah!" he said. "May I take de liberty of walking jes' behin' you an' axin' you a question. I mustn't keep you standin'. I beg you to 'scuse me, sah. I kin talk an' walk at de same time." Dr. Williams Atkinson was an amenable person, and Matt's imploring old darky countenance was not without its pathos.

On a rustic seat, near a rear door, white-haired old Sam is sitting, listening intently, while dusky Mug reads to him from the book of books, the one he prizes above all else, stopping occasionally to expound, in his own way, some point which he fancies may not be clear to her, likening every good man to "Massah Hugh," and every bad one to the leader of the "Suddern 'Federacy," whose horse he declares he held once in "ole Virginny," telling Mug, in an aside, "how, if 'twasn't wicked, nor agin' de scripter, he should most wish he'd put beech nuts under Massah Jeffres' saddle, and so broke his fetched neck, 'fore he raise sich a muss, runnin' calico so high that Miss Ellis 'clar she couldn't 'ford it, and axin' fifteen cents for a paltry spool of cotton."

Just as the colonel had decided to send 1st Lieutenant Jarvis on this perilous trip, Hogan appeared before him, saluting with military precision, and said with a broad Irish brogue: "Axin' yer pardin' kurnel, but Oi think Oi kin tell ye a betther way. The telegraph loine from Scott to Kearney runs just twenty-foive moiles beyant here to the southards.

I found Simon, sure enough, in the lane, seated in his cart, and his face looked squarer and grimmer even than usual. "Oh, Peter!" said he, gripping my hand, "it be come at last Gaffer be goin'." "Going, Simon?" "Dyin', Peter. Fell downstairs 's marnin'. Doctor says 'e can't last the day out sinkin' fast, 'e be, an' 'e be axin' for 'ee, Peter.

"Howsomiver, we'se be all 'elpless an' 'omeless soon, for the Lord hisself don't stop a man growin' old, an' under the new ways o' the world, it's a reg'lar crime to run past forty. I'm sixty, an' I gits my livin' my own way, axin' nobody for the kind permission. That's my fortin!" And he pointed to the basket of weedy stuff which he had just set down. Helmsley looked at it with some curiosity.

My word, I wish I'd thought on axin' her to let us 'ave a quart I'm rale fond o' cockles. Could we run arter her, think ye, Jack?" This was the very last thing which John wished to do, and in order to divert Jinny's mind, he hastily proposed that they should hunt for cockles themselves.

One ole man ole Sam Coggins, up ter Sims's Mill says ter me, he says, 'I dunno yer brother, Justus Hoxon; but blister my boots, ef I don't vote fur anybody ez air kin ter you-uns, an' ez ye hev set yer heart on 'lectin' ter office. An' the way folks inquired arter ye, an'" "I ain't talkin' 'bout the 'lection," Wat broke in brusquely. "I war axin' 'bout 'Dosia.

So I surlily growled an answer "All right, young 'un; there's no occasion to make all that hideous row! Just see if you can make yourself useful by finding Black Peter, will you, and telling him to brew some coffee." The lad was turning away to do my bidding when a pattering of naked feet became audible as their owner approached, while a husky voice ejaculated "Who's dat axin' for Brack Petah?