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Swan, observing a smile on the face of one and another, "I think I'll leave that there magistrate to do the best he can with that there case, and I'll abide by his decision." "When ye come out in the character of Apollo," said Miss Christie to Valentine, "ye should compose yourself into a grander attitude, and not sit all of a heap while ye're drawing the long-bow. Don't ye agree with me, Mrs.

It's always kinder damp airly in the mornin', and ye must feel it more, bein' in a strange place. I've always thought a strange place was damper, airly in the mornin', than a place ye're used ter; and there's nothin' like whiskey with a little bitters to get out dampness." I declined to partake of any Central Hotel whiskey, adding that the one refreshment I now needed was a cup of coffee.

"I hoped ez haow we wuz well quit of yer," he began; "an' yer need n't 'spect, after all yer goin's on, an' those of yer ole Tory husband, thet ye're goin' ter be allaowed ter come back ter Greenwood. I persume Joe 's told yer thet he an' I is goin' ter git a bill through this Assembly declarin' yer lands escheated." "You have n't any right to talk for me, squire," protested Joe.

"I will see that you don't lose your place, and I give you my word again that Charles Wrexell Allen has never been aboard this yacht, or at Mohair to my knowledge. What is more, I will prove it to-morrow to your satisfaction." McCann's faith was touching. "Ye're not to say another word, sir," he said, and he stuck out his big hand, which I grasped warmly.

"He air goin' to get put in my straw tick! That air where ye're goin', Andy," she explained presently. "An' I air got to be awful sick an' git in bed an' stay there. I don't know anything else to do! Oh dear! I can't look sick to save my life, can I?" She got up and went to the glass and considered minutely her own rosy reflection.

But when ye're offered the chance of facing a man about yir own size, ye count it a disgrace. My opinion is, ye havna the spirit of a mouse in yir body! I'm ashamed to think ye're a magistrate of Muirtown!

"Well, well, never mind it now; ye see ye're just keeping your friends cooling themselves there in the corner introduce me at once." "Mr. Lorrequer, I'm sure ." "My name is Curzon," said the adjutant, bowing. "A mighty pretty name, though a little profane; well, Mr. Curse-on," for so he pronounced it, "ye're as welcome as the flowers in May; and it's mighty proud I am to see ye here. "Mr.

An' it's as well to do't while I'm alive to see to't mysel' for I've often observed that if ye leave your warld's gear to the poor when ye're deed, just for the gude reason that ye canna tak it to the grave wi' ye, it'll melt in a wonderfu' way through the hands o' the 'secretaries' an' 'distributors' o' the fund, till there's naething left for those ye meant to benefit.

'Whisht, man! she said in momentary pity. 'Ye're talkin' like a wean. 'I canna help it. I'm that fond o' ye. An' it's no as if I had done a black crime. It was a pure accident 'Jist like a penny novel, she interrupted merciless again. 'Weel, I'm sure ye're welcome to ha'e as mony girls as ye like only, ye'll ha'e to leave me oot.

His keenly set ears distinguished just then an even tramp among the abrupt sounds without, the feet of two or three men carrying weight. "He's here, Zur," said Dan, who held the feet, tenderly enough. "Aisy now, b'ys. It's not bar'ls ye're liftin'." They laid him down. "Fur up th' ridge he was: not many blue-coats furder an. That's true," in a loud, hearty tone.