But but now when it comes to really goin' I'm not so sure. Uncle Bedny Small was always declarin' in prayer-meetin' that he wanted to die so as to get to Heaven, but when he was taken down with influenza he made his folks call both doctors here in town and one from Harniss. I don't know whether I want to go or not, Hosy. I I'm frightened, I guess."

This seemed unnecessary, however, for Pearce's stinging assertion had brought Kells to himself. There were a few more words, too low for Joan's ears, and then, accompanied by Smith, the three started off, evidently for the camp. Joan left her room and watched them from the cabin door. Bate Wood sat outside smoking. "I'm declarin' my hand," he said to Joan, feelingly.

I'm jest a-makin' a righteousness of it. And Cerinthy Ann she come out, declarin' that the best folks never had no comfort in religion; and for her part she didn't mean to trouble her head about it, but have jest as good a time as she could while she's young, 'cause if she was 'lected to be saved she should be, and if she wa'n't she couldn't help it, any how." "Mr. Brown says he came onto Dr.

Th' man nex' to ye had a banner declarin' that he was no slave. 'Twas th' la-ad Johnson. He was r-right. He is no slave, an' he won't be wan as long as people have washin' to give to his wife. Th' man I see ye takin' a dhrink with had a banner that said if th' mines was opened th' mills would be opened, too.

"I watched him end-over-ending as he come, and I couldn't get near enough to the happenings to even wonder why. "He landed on top of a quakin' asp and the car rolled over the dinner. "I ain't declarin' that I was perfectly reasonable; I was surprised.

But the admiral wouldn't hear o' it; he kept on declarin' that we was honest traders, and that to capture the Spanish ships 'd be a hact of piracy which would get us into no end o' trouble to home, and perhaps bring about war betwixt England and Spain; and at last t'others give in to mun and let mun have mun's own way.

'Snowplows common was up two pints this mornin' on th' rumor that th' prisidint was undher ar-rest. 'They was a gr-reat bulge in Lobster preferred caused be th' report that instead iv declarin' a dividend iv three hundhred per cint. th' comp'ny was preparin' to imprison th' boord iv directors. 'We sthrongly ricommind th' purchase iv Con and Founder.

She declarin' that no child of them two honest people could ever be a thief. Hot an' heavy they had it, though nobody had ever heard them two quarrel afore. An' right on top of that stalks in Jim Pettijohn him that's a sort o' Squire, a justice of the peace, now an' demands his son. He'd let the feller grow up without good trainin' or lookin' after of any kind, though 'twas needed bad enough.

Markham, bringin' the notes about Helen Whitton the dope that she's been feedin' you. If you'll put that together with what the spirit she Miss Markham, told you tonight about declarin' dividends " "Mrs. Granger," interrupted Mrs. Markham, "you are a shrewd woman, but you carry your deductions a little far "

The money slowly straightened itself with little leisurely jerks. "Take that, Jimmy, and let's go," said the girl. "I'm declarin' the usual dividends, Maguire," she said to the officer. "You had your usual five-dollar graft at the usual corner at ten." "A lie!" said the cop, turning purple. "You go on my beat again and I'll arrest you every time I see you." "No, you won't," said the girl.