"I don't make her out a schooner, though." "She's two-masted." "Yes." Uncle William's eye was glued to the glass. "But she's lighter built, trimmer. Some pleasure-craft, like enough. You can see her walk same as if she was a lady a-bowin' and bobbin'." He laid down the glass, a look of pleasure in his face. "She's comin' right in, whoever she is. She'll drop anchor by noon-time."

An' I says, 'Lee-yander Yerby, don't ye know that thar thing's the devil's snare? 'N'aw, ma'am, cap'n, he says, grinnin' like a imp; 'it's my snare, fur I hev bought it from Peter Teazely fur two rabbits what I cotch in my trap, an' my big red rooster, an' a bag o' seed pop-corn, an' the only hat I hev got in the worl'. An' with that the consarn gin sech a yawp, it plumb went through my haid, An' then the critter jes tuk ter a-bowin' it back an' forth, a-playin' 'The Chicken in the Bread-trough' like demented, a-dancin' off on fust one foot an' then on t'other till the puncheons shuck.

Dar wan't no sense in it, no ways hits put, but Ise heered Marse Tom 'low hit wuz a civil war, en dat's what it wuz. When de Yankees come a-ridin' up en a-reinin' in dere hosses befo' de front po'ch, en Miss Chris come out a-smilin' en a-axin' howdy, en den dey stan' dar a-bowin' en a-scrapin', hit wuz des' es civil es ef dey'd come a-co'tin'. But Ole Miss wuz dead en buried, she wuz."

Joe ain't got a clock to go by neither that's judgin' pace! take it from me! "'He's diseased with speed, says Joe, when he gets down. 'He can do thirty-eight sure just look at my hands! "I does a dance a-bowin' to the bird, 'n' Joe stands there laughin' at me, squeezin' the blood back into his mitts. "We leads the hoss to the gate, 'n' there's a booky's clocker named Izzy Goldberg.

I 'members Miss Meeley des' ez well ez 'twuz yestiddy de day Marse Tom brung her home en de niggers stood a-bowin' en axin' howdy at de gate. She wuz all black en white en cold lookin' twell she smiled, en den it wuz des' like er lightwood blaze in 'er eyes." Uncle Ish nodded dreamily.

The haughty old lady approved the girl's coldness, and nodded in agreement with Aunt Frony, who watched her young mistress's path with proprietary satisfaction. "She cert'nly do favor her paw; 'n she walks along tru all dem gen'lemen like Joseph tru dat co'nfiel' wif de sheaves a-bowin' befo' him, 'n he never pay no mo' 'tention to 'em 'n if dey jus' common roughness 'n no mo' do she!"

Sez I, "You have had so much company ever sence you come to America, that I hain't had no chance to pay attention to you before. "And I wanted to see you the worst kind, and tell you jest the reason I hain't invited you to my house to visit." Sez I, a-bowin' deep, "I am Josiah Allen's Wife, of Jonesville." "Of Jonesville?" sez she, in a silver voice.

Clarence Stull, polishing a stove in the rear of Pierce's hardware store, was swift to divulge that Mrs. Lansdale had "asked Chet Pierce to have a glass of wine, and him a-bowin' and a-scrapin' like you'd think he was goin' to fly off the handle!" It was enough for the town.

Th' ain't no fun in borryin' duplicates over a stile when company drops in sudden, without a minute's warnin'. "No, you needn't call my attention to that tiltin' ice-pitcher. I seen it soon ez I approached the case. Didn't you take notice to me a-liftin' my hat? That was what I was a-bowin' to, that pitcher was.

The fish will sometimes swaller the one, without thinkin', but they get frightened at t'other, turn tail and off like a shot. "Now, to change the tune, I'll give the Bluenoses a new phrase. They'll have an election most likely next year, and then 'the dancin' master will be abroad. A candidate is a most particular polite man, a-noddin' here, and a-bowin' there, and a-shakin' hands all round.