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I was thinkin', miss, that your purple gown, which I have put away in the big cupboard, might do for to-night. Ye 're a well-formed woman, miss out in the back, out in the front and I jalouse all your bones are covered. It 'll look queer your not dressin' more particular when every one else does.

I wad na gang among them till the search was over to-day; but yesterday I saw yon carle, and coft the boatie frae him for the wee blackamoor and the mule. The Moors at El Aziz are not seafaring; and gin the morn they jalouse what we have done, we have the start of them. Na, I'm not feared for them; but forbye that, this is no the season for an open boatie wi' a crew of three and a wean.

Scrope caught red-handed one day on his rented salmon water near Melrose. The man was a guileless creature from Selkirk, too innocent, it appeared, to be able to account for the salmon flies in the inside of his dilapidated hat, or for the 10 lb. salmon reposing in his pocket. "Dodd! I jalouse it's mebbes luppen in whan I was wadin' the watter," he said with artless smile.

"Bit, de'il tak't, wha' gar'd ye jalouse A was a Scoatsman?" "Ecchelfechan." "An' wha' fir no?" demanded Tam sternly. "Haud tae ye 'se hae ony siccan a historic name in yir ain domd kintra. D'ye ken wha, firbye mysen, was boarn in Ecchelfechan syne? Vinna fash yirsel' aboot" "I say, Scotty," interposed Toby; "Egglefeggan 's the place where they eat brose ain't it?"

In the coming spring I shall be a stranger among strangers!" And his thoughts melted into a quiet melancholy. In this manner he reached the hall. "L'Angleterre jalouse et la Grèce homérique, Toute l'Europe admire, et la jeune Amérique Se lève et bat des mains du bord des océans. Trois jours vous ont suffi pour briser vos entraves.

"Ye'll paurdon my discretion, for it's a pernikity hoose this for a' the auld bauld, gallant forms and ceremonies. I jalouse ye came roond in a wherry frae the toon, and it's droll I never saw ye land. There was never mony got into Doom withoot the kennin' o' the garrison. It happened aince in Black Hugh's time wi' a corps o' Campbells frae Ardkinglas, and they found themselves in a wasp's byke."

There ye have the situation, mak' o' it what ye will." "By God, Balcarres, if that be true, and I jalouse that ye are richt, Gordon will get his assurance this very nicht. It's a fair and just pledge he asks, and I know the man who'll give it to him. Edinburgh will no be the only place in the land where the good standard flies before many days are passed. Man!

Did ye see Miss Carnegie rise an' gae oot afore he feenished?" "Div ye mean that, Elspeth?" and her husband was amazed at such penetration. "Noo a' thocht it hed been the heat; a' never held wi' that stove; it draws up the air. Hoo did ye jalouse yon?"

It's the end, I jalouse! Is Mr. Alexander come?" "We look for him to-morrow." "The land and the folk'll be blithe to see him if it was not for the occasion of his coming! If there's aught a body can do for any at Glenfernie ?" "Every one has been as good as gold, Greenlaw. But you know there's not much at the last that can be done " "No. We all pass, and they that bide can but make the dirge.

J'accuserai les vents et cette mer jalouse Qui retient, qui peut-etre a ravi Laperouse so the poem begins. How strangely the shadow of Tragedy hangs over this ill-starred expedition; Louis XVI the projector, Laperouse and de Langle the commanders, Dentrecasteaux and Kermadec the searchers, Andre Chenier the laureate: the breath of the black-robed Fury was upon them all!