I thanked him, and replied nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have something which had belonged to him. "Je ne regarde jamais mes partitions sans etre gagne par la tristesse et sans penser que de morceaux a retoucher! En composant, je n'ai jamais connu d'autre muse que l'ennui." "On ne le dirait pas," said Mademoiselle, wanting to join the conversation.

John Hepburn, English seaman. Joseph Peltier, Matthew Pelonquin, dit Crèdit, Solomon Belanger, Joseph Benoit, Joseph Gagné, Pierre Dumas, Joseph Forcier, Ignace Perrault, Francois Samandré, Gabriel Beauparlant, Vincenza Fontano, Registe Vaillant, Jean Baptiste Parent, Jean Baptiste Belanger, Jean Baptiste Belleau, Emanuel Cournoyée, Michel Teroahauté, an Iroquois. Pierre St.

Certainly, if the rules of the game had permitted even of my staking fifty thousand florins at a time, I should have staked them. All of a sudden I heard exclamations arising that the whole thing was a marvel, since the red was turning up for the fourteenth time! "Monsieur a gagne cent mille florins," a voice exclaimed beside me. I awoke to my senses. What? I had won a hundred thousand florins?

Only once, leaning on Arthur's arm, she had passed through the room where the green tables were prepared for play, and the croaking croupiers were calling out their fatal words of Rouge gagne and Couleur perd.

"Dix francs, et je ferai fortune dix francs, et je ferai fortune " The old words seemed to set themselves to a tune in Madelon's head, chiming in with the croupier's perpetual "Rouge gagne et la couleur," "Rouge perd et la couleur," whilst the two precious coins grew warm in the little hand that was clasped so tightly over them.

Petersburg which is saying a great deal! They used to try to make fun of me, but I would console myself by drinking champagne and then lolling in a retiring-room. Nevertheless, I found it deadly work. "C'est un utchitel," Blanche would say of me, "qui a gagne deux cent mille francs, and but for me, would have had not a notion how to spend them. Presently he will have to return to his tutoring.

"Voici ceux qui ont gagne a la loterie de la Sainte Guillotine!" they cried, with that reckless, mocking, blood-thirsty spirit which is found only in Frenchmen, or, perhaps, in their fellow-Celts. It seemed to Paine that Robespierre and the Committee were afraid to leave a man alive. He expected daily his own summons; but he was overlooked.

On one occasion he returned with a grave face, saying to Lord Rooster, "She has the other one in hand. We are going to see." "Trente-six encor! et rouge gagne," cried the croupier with his nasal tone, Monsieur de Florac's pockets overflowed with double Napoleons, and he stopped his play, luckily, for Kew putting down his winnings, once, twice, thrice, lost them all.

Femme travaille, fait la noce, tout le temps. Toujours avec officiers anglais. Gagne beaucoup, cent franc, deux cent franc, trois cent franc, toutes les nuits. Anglais riches. Femme me donne tout. Moi no travailler. Bon, eh?" Grateful for this little piece of information, and with his leer an inch from my chin, I answered slowly and calmly that it certainly was.

"Vous lisez mes livres, un peu sans doute pour faire plaisir au vieux Papa, mais je crois reellement qu'ils vous seront utiles a cause de la simplicite du style et de la clarte que j'ai toujours cherchees. Ces qualites m'ont gagne de nombreux lecteurs, mais en meme temps m'ont prive de toute reputation de profondeur. En Angleterre on classe tous les ecrivains clairs, comme ecrivains superficiels."