"The rule of contrary," said Brayder, carelessly. "She must see the trahison with her eyes. They believe their eyes. There's your chance, Mount. You step in: you give her revenge and consolation two birds at one shot. That's what they like." "You're an ass, Brayder," the nobleman exclaimed. "You're an infernal blackguard. You talk of this little woman as if she and other women were all of a piece.

And why not? it could not go into a worse. "But O, sovereign wisdom of bywords! how true they put the finger on each nation's, or particular's, fault. "Quand Italie sera sans poison Et France sans trahison Et l'Angleterre sans guerre, Lors sera le monde sans terre."

He will describe an incriminating letter as 'De sa trahison ce gage trop sincère. It is obvious that this kind of expression has within it the germs of the 'noble' style of the eighteenth-century tragedians, one of whom, finding himself obliged to mention a dog, got out of the difficulty by referring to 'De la fidélité le respectable appui. This is the side of Racine's writing that puzzles and disgusts Mr.

They looked up scared, and at that moment the Frenchman outside the door bellowed out 'Trahison trahison! They bolted out of the cabin, falling over each other and swearing awfully. The shot Davidson let off down the skylight had hit no one; but he ran to the edge of the cabin-top and at once opened fire at the dark shapes rushing about the deck.

The Ex-Imperial Guard Anecdotes of the last days at Fontainebleau Invalided Cossacks "Trahison" Ruin and desolation Roast dog An English soldier A Trappist veteran Jack boots Polytechnic cadets A Russian officer Cossacks, Kalmucks, and sparrows Prussians and British lions Rhine Castles Rival inscriptions Diligence atmosphere Brisemaison Sociable English.

Par jugement du 9 Octobre, 1915, le tribunal de campagne a prononcé les condamnations suivantes pour trahison commise pendant l'état de guerre (pour avoir fait passer des recrues

"Oh, because just then the trahison which had been all arranged 19 months before began to appear." Again, at Laon I was assured that the French drove all before them, and gained the heights. "Then," said I, "why did not they stay there?" "Oh, then reappeared 'la petite trahison," and so they go on, and well do they deserve, and heartily do I wish, to have their pride and impudence lowered.

La Trahison des Clercs, or Treason of the Levites, with which he had previously upbraided the intellectuals of his time, now appears to consist precisely in coveting a part in this world's inheritance, and forgetting that the inheritance of the Levites is the Lord: which, being interpreted philosophically, means that a philosopher is bound to measure all things by the infinite.

Si l'on vous a trahi, ce n'est pas la trahison qui importe; c'est le pardon qu'elle a fait naître dans votre âme. . . . Mais si la trahison n'a pas accru la simplicité, la confiance plus haute, l'étendue de l'amour, on vous aura trahi bien inutilement, et vous pouvez vous dire qu'il n'est rien arrivé.

"Ces gens sont-ils fols, Milord, de s'imaginer que je commisse la trahison de tourner en leur faveur mes armes, et de" "Je vous prie de ne me plus fatiguer avec de pareilles propositions, et de me croire assez honnete homme pour ne point violer mes engagements. Here is a catastrophe for the Two Britannic Excellencies, and the Cause of Freedom! Of which what hope is there!