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She stopped short, for the woman was in the room. "Pauline, go yourself to Baudran's, and ask why my hat has not yet been sent." Then the Countess reseated herself and scrutinized her mother. The Marquise, with a swelling heart and dry eyes, in painful agitation, which none but a mother can fully understand, began to open Moina's eyes to the risk that she was running.

Huntingdon reseated himself as the door closed behind her, and the lamplight showed a sinister smile writhing over his dark features. He sat there, staring out into the starry night, and seeing by the shimmer of the setting moon only the graceful form and lovely face of Amy Aubrey, as she had appeared to him in other days.

Captain Frank and several of us rose expecting to take the hint of our employer, when our good intentions were arrested by a query from Dan Happersett, "Did any of you ever walk down a wild horse?" None of us had, and we turned back and reseated ourselves in the group. "I had a little whirl of it once when I was a youngster," said Dan, "except we didn't walk.

As the pain went off, so did Dexter's anger, and he reseated himself upon the stump, thinking, with his young wits sharpened by his early life. "I don't call this coming out to enjoy myself," he said drily. "Wonder whether all young gentleman behave like this?"

I am sincerely grateful for your goodness; your generous intentions toward me touch me deeply, but in a question of honor I never reflect or hesitate." The General puffed fiercely, like a locomotive blowing off steam. Then he rose and took two or three turns up and down the gallery, shuffling his feet, his chest heaving. Then he returned and reseated himself.

Wentz cursed the Fate that had promoted him from his washing machine, and this was one of them. Neifkins, hunched in a leather chair in the banker's office, had an obstinate look on his sunburned face. "I'd give about half I'm worth if that was your stock goin' out," said Wentz, as he reseated himself at his desk. Neifkins grunted. "I heard you the first time you said that."

In that room, on Maria Ivanovna's writing-table, I observed a three-rouble note. She must have taken it out for some purpose, and left it lying there. There was no one about. I took up the note and put it in my pocket; why, I can't say. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but it was done, and I went quickly back to the dining-room and reseated myself at the dinner-table.

"Good morning, Mr Rebble;" and then he marched solemnly to the pulpit on the dais, took his place, waved his hand, there was a repetition of the rustling and shuffling as the boys reseated themselves, and then the humming murmur of the school recommenced. "I say, how old are you?" whispered my companion. "Sixteen nearly," I replied. "Well, that is rum. So am I. So's lots of fellows here.

I wonder if he is awake?" He half rose, as if about to investigate, then reseated himself. "Guess I'd better not take a chance of waking him," he reflected. "If Jean should catch me rousing Josephine or the baby he'd throttle me." "Jean is a sort of guardian," ventured Philip. "More than that. Sometimes I think he is a spirit," said Adare impressively. "I have known him for twenty years.

Nancy bowed gravely to the officers who made way for her, and, seating herself, she toyed with the pen a moment. The officers reseated themselves and resumed their interrupted chat, glancing covertly at Nancy as often as they could. Colonel Smith and Gurley were standing by the window so deep in conversation that neither noticed the flight of time. Nancy wrote down Mrs.