"And I monsieur, I hate zis ongrateful child! I theenk I hate your whole ongrateful race I served your wife like one slave! And for Miss Octavia I was like two slaves! Zis child has ever hated me! I am weary of your whole race I shall go back to ze country where I belong " So there they stood, those two antagonists, the woman with her eyes snapping and the outraged child with the tears streaming.

Whin all me marrid frinds is off to wurruk pound in' th' ongrateful sand an' wheelin' th' rebellyous slag, in th' heat iv th' afthernoon, ye can see ye'er onfortchnit bachelor frind perambulatin' up an' down th' shady side iv th' sthreet, with an umbrelly over his head an' a wurrud iv cheer fr'm young an' old to enliven his loneliness." "But th' childher?" asked Mr. Hennessy slyly.

"Now you can claw me!" exclaimed Stentor with an injured air, nodding to his gun, seeing his companion had already hurried off, "you can grab and duck me if this don't beat all! you can burn an' blister me if ever I met a deaf cove as was so ongrateful as this 'ere deaf cove, me 'avin' used this yer v'ice o' mine for 'is be'oof an' likewise benefit; v'ices like mine is a gift as was bestowed for deaf 'uns like 'im; I've met deaf 'uns afore, yes, but such a ongrateful deaf 'un as 'im, no.

"Dave's goin' to pay the bill," added Dan. "I done heard him say so." "The ongrateful an' ondutiful scamp!" exclaimed Godfrey. "If he's got that much money, why don't he give it to me, like he had oughter do? I need it more'n Silas does. Hear anything else, Dannie?" "Yes; General Gordon says, why don't you come home an' go 'have yourself? Nobody wouldn't pester you."

"We have no neighbors that air not used to noises yer." The silence was restored while the two products of men-dealing read each other's countenances. "I made a very conservative and liberal proposition to her, Patty, and she insulted me, yet beautifully. But I owe her a grudge for it." "Insulted you, Cunnil? The ongrateful huzzy! Can't you insult her back? She never dared to disobey me.

"Why, Hannah, it's you that's bein' ongrateful now, dear!" "So 'tis, so 'tis, Seth, an' it ain't right an' I know it. I ain't a- goin' ter do so no more; now see!" And she bravely turned her back on the cradle and walked, head erect, toward the attic stairs. John came at five o'clock.

An' he r-rode up Fifth Avnoo between smilin' rows iv hotels an' dhrug stores, an' tin-dollar boxes an' fifty-cint seats an' he says to himsilf: 'Holy smoke, if Aggynaldoo cud on'y see me now. An' he was proud an' happy, an' he says: 'Raypublics ar-re not always ongrateful. An' they ain't. On'y whin they give ye much gratichood ye want to freeze some iv it, or it won't keep."

You're an ongrateful an' ondutiful boy to leave your poor ole pap, what's fit the Yankees an' worked so hard to bring you up like a gentleman's son had oughter be brung up, out here in the cane so long all by hisself." "Why, pap, I didn't know you was here," said Dan. Godfrey walked briskly along the shore until he reached a little thicket of bushes into which he plunged out of sight.

I looked at the contract, and then thought of how Columbus died in poverty and disgrace, and now, four hundred years after his death, the world a-spendin' twenty million to honor his memory. A sense of the folly and the strangeness of all things come over me like a flood, and I bent my head in shame to think I belonged to a race of bein's so ongrateful, and so lyin', and everything else.

The boys laughed, Howard said: "But your luck is not every one's, Tim; there have been plenty who have made fortunes at the business." "Yis, but they wasn't Tim O'Rooneys. He's not the man that was born to be rich!" "You're better satisfied where you are." "Yis, thank God, that I've such a good home, and an ongrateful dog would I baa if I should ask more."