"Aha!" said the Phoenix triumphantly. "Just as I thought! Believe me, my dear fellow, when you have been around as long as I have, you can read the minds of your friends as easily as a book. Now, the problem of what to give is a hard one at any time, but the problem of what to give for a five hundredth birthday is even harder. A monogrammed ash tray?

Jason must not see those banknotes, that was obvious, and if Jason yes! Jimmie Dale was peering now through the monogrammed lace that covered the plate glass doors in the vestibule yes, Jason was still sitting up. And then Jimmie Dale smiled that strange whimsical smile of his. Jason was still sitting up asleep in the hall chair.

His underwear was as dainty as a bride's; he had his first dress suit at fifteen; at college he had his suite of three big rooms furnished like showrooms, his monogrammed cigarettes, his boat, and his horse. The thought of all these things used to distress his mother when she was old and much alone. She attempted to belittle the luxury of Clarence's boyhood.

They descended the spiral stairway to the grillroom, where an orchestra was playing jazz, and dancers gyrated on a polished floor, and diners in evening dress looked on over their cigarettes. "Well, Carley, are you still finicky about the eats?" he queried, consulting the menu. "No. But I prefer plain food," she replied. "Have a cigarette," he said, holding out his silver monogrammed case.

But since her trouble, Mrs, Embury has thrown me over has discarded me utterly I'm so sorry!" Fifi daintily touched her eyes with a tiny square of monogrammed linen, and Fibsy said, gravely, "Careful, there; don't dab your eyelashes too hard!" "What!" Mrs, Desternay could scarcely believe her ears. "Honest, you'd better look out. It's coming off now."

Gard excused himself to everyone, pleading the necessity of rest, and once alone in his room, set about ripping and smashing the incriminating evidence, until nothing but a few loose stones and crumpled bits of gold remained. He broke the monogrammed case of the watch from its fastening and crushed its face. Now to contrive to scatter the fragments would be a simple matter.

Lawrence saying that she cannot overlook the fact that her conduct was criticized and discussed before Christina ! And after five years, Sue! Here, read it!" "Beast!" Susan scowled at the monogrammed sheet, and the dashing hand. Miss Lydia clutched her wrist with a hot hand. "What shall I do, Sue?" she asked, in agony. "Well, I'd simply " Susan began boldly enough.

Seven hundred and fifty in the bank in her name! Her own little checking account. The tan-bound check book. The new tan valise, monogrammed, L.B.P. The stack of music marked "Repertoire." New York! She fell to trembling, forcing herself into rigidity when the figure beside her stirred. She was burning with fever and wanted to plunge from the cool sheets. She could have run a mile two.

Why does not some one suggest to these amphitrions to send fifteen dollars in prettily monogrammed envelopes to each of their friends, requesting them to expend it on a dinner.

He lit a huge monogrammed cigarette, pushed aside his hors d'oeuvres, and reluctantly turned down his array of wine-glasses one by one. "Can't eat, can't drink, can't sleep," he grumbled. "Stewed prunes and rice for my portion. Waiter, bring me a bottle of vichy, and when it's gone bring me another." The diners had arranged themselves by now; the supper had begun.