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"Aye the mair the merrier, but the fewer they fess the better," says Mistress Winton. "Wha's been meddlin' wi' you, Sandy?" But fient a wird cud Sandy get oot. He was stanin' pechin' like a podlie oot o' the watter, an' starin' roond him like a huntit dog. "Fiddlers' dogs and fleshers' flees come to feasts unbidden," said Mysie; but Sandy gae her a glower that garred her steek her moo gey quick.

A howling hubbub arose, a confused sound of booing and groaning, and the carriage was soon surrounded by grimed men, gesticulating and shouting. "Yer bloated parasites, yer!" cried a young fellow, catching at the door-handle on Lord Fontenoy's side; "we'll make a d d end o' yer afore we've done wi' yer. Who asked yer to come meddlin in Malford d n yer!"

Many of us was your sincere frends, and thought certin parties amung us was fussin about you and meddlin with your consarns intirely too much. But J. Davis, the minit you fire a gun at the piece of dry- goods called the Star-Spangled Banner, the North gits up and rises en massy, in defence of that banner. Not agin you as individooals, not agin the South even but to save the flag.

"Git out of this and stop your interferin'!" shouted the virago. "This here child belongs to me and I'll do what I like with her. If you are one of them social settlers coming around into poor people's places and meddlin' with their business, you'd better git back where you belong or I'll social-settle you." At this moment a thin, hot hand caught hold of Madge's and pulled it gently.

"That boy Jim Adams is my pardner an' I could er tole you what you'd git by meddlin' with him. He's gone in with his mother now, but him an' me we're in alliance we fights for each other. Feel like you got enough?" and Archie B. got up closer and made motions as if to shed his coat. The other boy grinned good naturedly and walked off.

But there, if I can set set till I 'ear Stepney Church goin twelve I can earn my ten shillin a week, an keep the lot of 'em. Wot does any lidy or genelman want, a comin' meddlin down 'ere? Now, that's the middle an both ends on it. Done? Well, I dessay I is done. Lor, I ses to em in the orspital it do seem rummy to me to be layin abed like that. If Tom was 'ere, why, 'e'd "

I ain't goin' to stay here an' be talked to so any longer if I know, especially by folks that ain't got any business meddlin' with it, anyway. I suppose this is my daughter's house, an' I've got a perfect right in it, but I'm a-goin'." Mrs. Jane Maxwell went out, her ribbons and silken draperies fluttering as if her own indignation were a wind, but Flora stayed.

Bessie's hand dropped; she turned sharply, supporting herself against the table, and watched him, her chest heaving. "There's no key 'ere," said Saunders, stooping to look at the lock. "Try yours, John." John rushed forward, but Bessie put herself in the way. "What are yer meddlin' with my 'ouse for?" she said fiercely. "Just mek yourselves scarce, all the lot o' yer!

Chad turned to her father now, looking him in the face straight and steadily. "I reckon I had no business meddlin', but I didn't think hit was fa'r fer him to hit the nigger; the nigger was littler, an' I didn't think hit 'as right." "I didn't mean to hit him I was only playin'!" "But I THOUGHT you was goin' to hit him," said Chad. He looked at the General again.

"Why, when I first found out about the good God takin' charge of Jews an' Gentiles alike, I told it to Peg, an', my, how she did hop up an' down, right in the middle of the floor. She said I was meddlin' into things that had took men of brains a million years to fix up. "But I knew it as well as anything," he continued.