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But it was a' sowdered up again some gait, and the bairn was sent awa, and bred up near the Highlands, and grew up to be a fine wanle fallow, like mony ane that comes o' the wrang side o' the blanket; and Sir Richard wi' the Red-hand, he had a fair offspring o'his ain, and a was lound and quiet till his head was laid in the ground.

"Whose hoss?" "Mine," proudly. "Where you catchee?" "Raised him." "Good hoss?" "You betcha." "Huh!" Pause. "You no catchee horse blanket, hey?" "No!" said the Chinaman, whose manner instantly changed. In this brief conversation he had classified Drazk, and classified him correctly. "You catchee him, though some hell, too you stickee lound here.

"Captain Jack's a nice little broncho," she added, "he deserves sugar." She paused a moment. "'Lamblin' Kid's' a funny fellow, don't you think so, Sing Pete?" she finished idly. "Not funny him dangelous!" the Chinaman replied earnestly. "He gettee velly mad 'cause I puttee butter in can so cat catchee his head in an' go lound an' lound buckee like a bloncho havee lots a good time!

If it had been to do onything against King James, we wad hae seen them lang syne but when it's to keep the peace o' the country they can lie as lound as their neighbours." As he spoke we heard the measured footsteps of a body of infantry on the march; and an officer, followed by two or three files of soldiers, entered the apartment.

"We stood watching him, evidently to his great distress, and finally he made bold to say, 'You no stand lound, bosse. You go 'way. "We left him, but after making the tour around the lake came back to the same place. There sat four people on the ground eating fried pork, potatoes and Chinese cakes. In a young woman of the group I recognized one whom I had seen dancing at one of Mr.

This morning he asked Larkin to come and look at his lee lowing in the lound. And I had to explain that he meant 'tree growing in the ground." Max was red with anger. "I didn't say that," he shouted, "I said plain's anything lee lowing in the lound." He sent each of the difficult words from his mouth with a snap, as if he were discharging them from a pistol that jammed. But Lynn jeered again.

"Do not mention his name," said the widow, pressing his lips with her fingers. "I see you have his secret and his pass-word, and I'll be free wi' you. But, for God's sake, speak lound and low. In the name of Heaven, I trust ye seek him not to his hurt! Ye said ye were a sodger?" "I said truly; but one he has nothing to fear from. I commanded a party at Bothwell Bridge." "Indeed?" said the woman.

"Well," said Van judicially, "Algy's entitled to his share." He raised his voice: "Hey there, Algy come out here and play with the boys." Mrs. Dick had caught sufficient breath to explode. "Fun!" she said. "My windows broken! My house all upset. Snakes alive, if ever I heard " Algy appeared and interrupted. "What's mallah you, Van?" he said. "I got no time fool lound now. Been play too much.

"Mista Sam Kow say: 'This man go night-time in Chestnut Stleet; pickee out letta undah sidewalk, stickee money-bag undah sidewalk, cly, shivah, makee allee same like sick fella. Walkee all lound town allee night. Allee same like Chlistian dlunk man. No sleepee.

And when ye cam to the Tod Holes, they saw ye loss him, and they got a visee o' the water he made coming into the east bank, ye ken. There's a wee bit cairn there, ye ken, wi' a piece lound water ahint it, where they jaloused the fish wad rest himsel a wee. Weel, they waited till it was mirk night, and then they jist whuppit the net round him, and they sune had him oot.

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