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Then I heard him draw a panting breath, and saw that he was ghastly. "Walkee walkee," he whispered. "Not velly fast. 'Top I say lun, and lun fast alleegether." At that moment there was a loud shouting behind, then a yell, and, turning my head, I saw that the mandarin's men had their great blades out, and were leading the men after us, shouting to excite themselves and the little mob.

"Come long quickee," he whispered excitedly. "Very big blave that fellow. Killee fightee man. You no 'flaid of him?" "Afraid? No," said Barkins shortly. "There, let's have this tea." Ching glanced round once, and we were about to imitate his example, but he said excitedly "No, no, don't lookee. Big blave talkee talkee soldier, and tink Inglis offlicer 'flaid. Walkee past."

With her perpendicular masts of one stick, no bowsprit, only an opening where it should be, to receive an anchor, made of part of a crooked tree; poop sticking up like a game fowl's tail, and immense red and white eyes painted on each bow: for the Chinese sailor says: "No have eyes, how can see? no can see, how can walkee?" make such a picture of a thing to float in, and wherewith to transport worldly effects, that the question naturally arises, What would be the probable per centage a Chinese underwriter would demand as premium to insure in such a bottom?

As we looked up the street we could see part of the mob still running hard, but the swordsmen had taken refuge to right and left, in doorways, angles, and in side shops, and were peering round at us, watching every movement. "No' laugh!" said Ching anxiously. "Big fool. Think um bleech-loader. Now, come 'long, walkee walkee blackward. I go first."

A peculiar custom is the supplying of all vessels, whether steamers, junks or sampans, with large eyes, which are painted one on either side of the bows and as a reason for which any Chinaman will explain to you "S'pose no got eye, no can see. S'pose no can see, how fashion can walkee."

"All gone along, catchee you," whispered Ching. "Come 'long other way." He stepped out, made us follow, and then carefully closed the door. "Now, come 'long this way," he said, with his eyes twinkling. "No walkee fast. Allee boy lun after."

"There goes that crazy Chinaman again. I hope he chokes." "He will if he keeps his mouth open much longer." Ping had broken out in song, which the wind was not yet strong enough to smother. "Sometim' you look-see piece sand he walkee mountain high, Jist t'hen wind knock top-side off an' blow 'um up to sky. Jist so my heart walk up inside befo' he sinkee down "

"Oh yes; beauties," said Barkins. "What's up?" "You likee ask leave go for bit walkee walkee?" "Don't!" roared Smith. "Don't talk like a nurse to us. Why don't you speak plain English?" "Yes; Ching speak ploper Inglis. No speakee pigeon Englis. All ploper. Interpleter. You likee go shore for walkee, see something?" "You beggar, you were listening," cried Barkins. "How long had you been there?"

Soon, however, we came across some better-looking specimens, which we were told were the "Mandarin," or "Search Boats," belonging to the Chinese Customs. Their models appeared better adapted to "make walkee," and, in addition to sails, they had double banks of oars.

"But I can't get up 'deed I can't!" cried Sam. "Leg shot away. I no walkee." On hearing this, Paul and his companions lifted up the poor black, and sure enough a leg, but it was his wooden one, was shattered to fragments, and the stump to which it was secured considerably bruised.

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