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My cousin Duncan was there, constable of Urkey village, and he saw it too and came a step out of his corner. It was all over in a wink; Mate Snow lifted his shoulders with a sigh, as much as to say: "You can see how far gone the poor fellow is." The Chinaman, careless of the little by-play, went on. "Mista Sam Kow nice China fella. Mista Minista go to Mista Sam Kow in Infield, washy colla.

Louis Chartrand.’ “I ’lows don’t wants no drink, much ’bleege, Marse Grégor’. ‘Yis, you wants drink,’ an’ ’id dat he draws he pistol. ‘Mista Chartrand want drink, too. I done owe Mista Chartrand somethin’ dis long time; I’se gwine pay ’im wid a treat,’ he say. Chartrand look like he on fiar, he so red, he so mad, he swell up same like ole bull frog.”

Ring do' bell. I say, I say: 'Walk right in, Mista Ridgways. Slip me dollah bill dess like that! Mista Sammerses an' Mista Plummers, an' some nem others, they all show class. Look Mista Sammerses' spectickles made turtle back; fancy turtle, too. I ast Miss Julia; she tell me they fancy turtle. Gol' rim spectickles ain't in it; no ma'am!

"They are fast rising at least," said Ulrica, with frightful composure; "and a signal shall soon wave to warn the besiegers to press hard upon those who would extinguish them. Farewell, Front-de-Boeuf! May Mista, Skogula, and Zernebock, gods of the ancient Saxons fiends, as the priests now call them supply the place of comforters at your dying bed, which Ulrica now relinquishes!

The blessings, the awful blessings of the Kosekin were descending upon my miserable head separation from Almah, squalor and dirt, imprisonment, the society of these filthy creatures, darkness, the shadow of death, and beyond all the tremendous horrors of the Mista Kosek!

The outer and inner manifestations confession and faith." "Me, Mista Yen Sin confessee?" A curious and shocking change had come over the Chinaman in the little time I had been away. He lay quite motionless on his couch, with a bit of silken tapestry behind his head, like a heathen halo protecting him at last.

At dusk he led Whitey to a broad common at the edge of town, and spoke to him finally. "G'on 'bout you biz'nis," said Abalene; "you ain' MY hoss. Don' look roun'at me, 'cause I ain't got no 'quaintance wif you. I'm a man o' money, an' I got my own frien's; I'm a-lookin' fer bigger cities, hoss. You got you biz'nis an' I got mine. Mista' Hoss, good-night!"

Mista John," said he, "you tall man too, but not tall as Tom Steeple ha, ha you good man too, Mista John give Tom bully dinners Willy Reilly, Mista John, want to see Willy Reilly." "What do you want with him, Tom? he's engaged with the master." "Must see him, Mista John; stitch in time saves nine. Hicko! hicko! God's sake, Mista John: God's sake!

She say she a'n't gwineter have 'em noun' 'sturbin' a sick man. De Colonel 'monstrated. He done give the Judge his big room, and he say he and de young men gwine ober to Mista, Catherwood's. You a'n't never seen Miss Jinny rise up, suh! She a'n't never let me bring up one of his meals, suh." And so she left Stephen with some food for reflection.

This was his great adventure, the thing that had gleamed in his eyes and had tapped that unguessed reservoir of strength. His voice crept back to me, harassed by the wind, "This velly funny countly, Mista Boy. Mista Yen Sin go back China way." His bow-line was fast to an iron ring on the wharf.

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