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"Hullo, Bill!" replied the invisible 'Pidgin. "Allee samee dlunk again!" A red-bearded ship's fireman, wearing sea-boots, a rough blue suit similar to that which Stuart wore, a muffler and a peaked cap, lurched into view at the head of the steps. "Blimey!" he roared, over his shoulder. "Drunk! Me drunk! An' all the pubs in these parts sell barley-water coloured brown! Blimey! Chuck it, Pidgin!"

You get dlunk, fo'get switch, thlain lun off tlack; you swingee lante'n, yellee 'All aboa'd! you say, 'Jim Kli! what keepee Numbeh Eight? You sellee ticket, knockee down change. No good, lailway man! Me savvy you, all light." "Ye cross iv a limon peel and a case iv jandhers!" cried Mr.

I asked him how he liked the Japanese. "Pff!" he began, looking at me from under his huge round spectacles, as if he thought the subject too insignificant to waste his time upon. "The Japanese," he exploded, with an air of contempt, "no belong men. You see Japanese man dlunk, ol no dlunk, all same to me. He no can speak tluth, he no can be honest man. He buy something, nevel pay.

"Mista Sam Kow say: 'This man go night-time in Chestnut Stleet; pickee out letta undah sidewalk, stickee money-bag undah sidewalk, cly, shivah, makee allee same like sick fella. Walkee all lound town allee night. Allee same like Chlistian dlunk man. No sleepee.

Ah-Fang-Fu reappeared behind him. "Catchee dlunk ev'ly time for comee here," he chattered. "'Taint 'umanly possible," declared the new arrival, staggering down the steps, "fer a 'ealthy sailorman to git drunk on coloured water just 'cause the publican calls it beer! I ain't drunk; I'm only miserable. Gimmee a pipe, Pidgin." Ah-Fang-Fu barred the door and ascended.

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