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After I had had a bit of a discussion with my boy as to the room they wanted to house me in, a woman, brandishing a huge cabbage stump above her head, and looking menacingly at me, yelled that the room was good enough. "What does she say, T'ong?" "Oh, she b'long all same fool. She wantchee makee talkee talk. She have got velly long tongue, makee bad woman.

No say O to him? that's strange! A. But, my dear, many live as if there was no God in heaven for all that. Wife. Why God suffer them? why makee not live well? A. It is our own faults, child. Wife. But if he is much great, can makee kill, why no makee kill when no serve him? No be good mans, no cry O to him? A. That's true, my dear, he may strike us dead, but his abundant mercy spareth us. Wife.

I was surprised to see the fellow so well pleased; "You fool," says I, "he will eat you up," "Eatee me up! eatee me up!" says Friday, twice over again; "me eatee him up; me' makee you good laugh; you all stay here, me show you good laugh."

A. O my dear, don't say so, he is both; and many times he shows terrible examples of his judgment and vengeance. Wife. Then you makee de bargain with him; you do bad ting, he no hurt you, he hurt other mans. A. No, indeed, my lips are all presumptions upon his goodness. Wife. Well, and yet no makee you dead; and you give him no tankee neither?

"No good," said Ah Fe stolidly. "Hop Li, he givee this" he indicated the envelope in his sleeve "to next Chinaman. HE no go. S'pose you go with me, Hop Li you no makee nothing allee same, makee foolee!" "I know; but you just take me there. The young girl was irresistible. Ah Fe's face relaxed. "Allee litee!" he said, with a resigned smile. "You wait here a moment," said Cissy, brightening.

But you say me He is great, much great, have much great power; can makee kill when He will: why He no makee kill when you no serve Him? no say O to Him? no be good mans? W.A. That is true, He might strike me dead; and I ought to expect it, for I have been a wicked wretch, that is true; but God is merciful, and does not deal with us as we deserve. Wife.

Where then makee power strong, when he hears you curse, swear de great damn? A. My dear, this shows indeed he is a God and not a man who has such tender mercy. Wife. Mercy I what you call mercy? A. He pities and spares us: as he is our great Creator, so he is also our tender Father. Wife. So God never angry, never kill wicked, then he no good, no great mighty.

"Velly bad man tellee lie for makee bhoberry getchee poor Chinaman in tlouble." In the fog-bound silence Kerry could very distinctly be heard chewing. He turned suddenly to Bryce. "Go back and fetch two men," he directed. "I should never find my way." "Very good, sir." Bryce stepped to the door, unable to hide the relief which he experienced, and opened it.

What you say to him for that? You no tell him tankee for all that too! W.A. I am an unthankful, ungrateful dog, that is true. Wife. Why he no makee you much good better? You say he makee you. W.A.. He made me as he made all the world; 'tis I have deformed myself, and abused his goodness, and have made myself an abominable wretch. Wife.

Don't let these horrible people see Tanner like this." He turned to me then, and let his eyes fall on our messmate. "Can you get me a drink of water, Ching?" he murmured. "Yes, d'leckly; wait lit' bit. Po' Mr Barki' Tanner leg velly bad, makee sick. You' alm velly bad still?" "Very bad; it throbs," murmured Smith. "Ah, yes! Wait lit' bit and no clowd.

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