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'Why, brother, the Rommany chal, after he had somewhat recovered from his surprise, for it is rather uncomfortable to be laid hold of at night-time, and told you are a prisoner; more especially when you happen to have two or three things on your mind which, if proved against you, would carry you to the nashky, the Rommany chal, I say, clubbed his whip, and aimed a blow at the plastramengro, which, if it had hit him on the skull, as was intended, would very likely have cracked it.

And then, unexpectedly no one knew why exactly he ended up with an abrupt request that nothing from the kingdom of darkness should be allowed to afflict our peace, and no evil thing come near to disturb us in the night-time.

We wander continually between the living and the dead; but within four and twenty hours I was quite reconciled to the circumstance. During the night-time I could pass the graves with as little dread as if I were walking among the houses of the living.

"Give your manuscript to ME!" exclaimed Marianne, enthusiastically; "I will cause it to be printed, and if there should be no booksellers to circulate it, I will travel as your agent throughout the whole of Germany, and in the night-time secretly scatter your pamphlet in the streets of all the German cities, so that their inhabitants may find it in the morning a manna fallen from heaven to nourish and invigorate them.

Ashy cinders fell from the grate slowly, slumberously, as the one dead, that very afternoon buried, had gone to rest, in the night-time, when the household was asleep, without any one to hold her hand whilst she took the first step in the surging sea of river. Yes, she died alone, "in the heart of the night," Dr. Eaton said it must have been "that the bridegroom came." Had she oil in her lamp?

Unchanging Value of the Canyon. Many people think of the Grand Canyon as a show place, which, once seen, does not need to be revisited. Never was there a greater mistake, for its resources are inexhaustible, even though one visit it annually for a lifetime. The business man invests in stocks and bonds. A panic may wipe out their values and ruin follow in a night-time.

"'Twill be dark presently, sir," he answered, "and I would be an ill host if I did not dissuade a perfect stranger from venturing abroad in the streets of London of a night-time." "And is it as bad as that?" I cried, surprised. "For strangers, yes," said he. "For they be for ever wandering, and will not keep to the three or four streets which be as safe as the King's palace.

Chastisers of foes that we are and virtuous and conversant with the Vedas, tell us, O Gandharva, why in travelling in the night-time we have been censured by thee. Lastly, ye are out without a Brahmana walking before, therefore, ye sons of Pandu, ye have been censured by me.

And on this Occasion we may as well in Reference to something formerly deliver'd concerning Whiteness, as in Reference to what has been newly said, Subjoyn what we further observ'd touching the Differing Reflections of Light from White and Black Marble, namely, that having taking a pretty Large Mortar of White Marble, New and Polish'd in the Inside, and Expos'd it to the Sun, we found that it Reflected a great deal of Glaring Light, but so Dispers'd, that we could not make the Reflected Beams concurr in any such Conspicuous Focus, as that newly taken notice of in the Black Marble, though perhaps there may enough of them be made to meet near the Bottom, to make some Kind of Focus, especially since by holding in the Night-time a Candle at a convenient Distance, we were able to procure a Concourse of some, though not many of the Reflected Beams, at about two Inches distant from the Bottom of the Mortar: But we found the Heat even of the Sunbeams so Dispersedly Reflected to be very Languid, even in Comparison of the Black Marbles Focus.

How different the nights had seemed when I was without shelter, before I had rediscovered fire! How had I endured it? That strange ghostly gloom of the woods at night-time full of innumerable strange shapes; still and dark, yet with something seen at times moving amidst them, dark and vague and strange also an owl, perhaps, or bat, or great winged moth, or nightjar.