You eat with us as one of the family, and vin compris and café likewise, and it should be all for one franc fifty! Mon Dieu! it is to ruin oneself. Come here." And she seized the surprised Anglo-Saxon by the wrist and dragged him towards a painted tablet of prices that hung in a dark niche of the hall.

After a stroll around Monty, a cigarette on the terrace before the Casino, where the gay world was sunning itself beside the sapphire sea, prior to the opening of the Rooms, and a cocktail at my friend Ciro's, I took my déjeuner at the Palmiers, a small and unpretentious hotel in the back of the town, where I was well known, and where one gets a very good lunch vin compris for three francs.

Al giorno di grasso, un mezzo pollo ovvero un piccolo boccone d'arrosto; al giorno di magro un piccolo pesce; e di poi andiamo a dormire. Est-ce que vous avez compris? Redma dafir Soisburgarisch, don as is gschaida.

Sometimes it was usually at déjeûner when he had dined out on the previous evening he would demand the wine-list of Iorson, and rejecting the vin blanc or vin rouge which, being compris, contented the others, would order himself something of a choice brand. One of his favourite papers was Le Rire, and Henri, Iorson's youthful assistant, regarded him with admiration.

Pardonnez mon extase.... Ah! ai compris votre canon.... Oui, oui, la grande-bataille.... Allemands chiens! And then striking his breast violently: 'Dans le coeur, moi ... je vous porte.... Ah! How do such works come to be neglected by our Republic? How is it they have not a place in our public life? Why are they not part of our great ceremonies?

Ses revenus sont de deux millions et demi de ducats, y compris vingt-cinq mille qu'il perçoit en tributs. [Footnote: Il y a ici erreur de copiste sur ces vingt-cinq mille ducats de tributs; la somme est trop foible. On verra plus bas que le despote de Servie en payoit annuellement cinquante mille

In a criticism of the writer's essay on The Dynamic Foundation of Knowledge in the Revue neo-scolastique of Louvain, the critic wrote as follows: "Remarquons qu'il n'a pas compris la synthèse scolastique du moyen âge, elle qui cependant a concilié d'une façon admirable l'actuel et le potentiel dans l'explication de la nature des choses.

Yes, I remember, he suggested: calling the prosecutor and Dmitri Dmitritch, I believe...; qui me doit encore quinze roubles I won at cards, soit Ait en passant. Enfin, je n'ai pas trop compris. But I got the better of them, and what do I care for Dmitri Dmitritch? I believe I begged him very earnestly to keep it quiet; I begged him particularly, most particularly.

"Surely tea is compris?" she asked, with raised eyebrows. "We shan't stay more than an hour." Morewood groaned, but ordered tea. After all, it was too dark to paint, and well, she was amusing. Eugene arrived almost at the same moment as tea. Morewood was glad to see him, and went as near showing it as he ever did. Lady Julia received him with effusion, Claudia with dignity.

"Mais nous avons toujours compris que Votre Seigneurie considérait Lord Combermere comme un imbécile...." "Assurément, c'est un imbécile," répliqua Wellington, "c'est un s... imbécile, mais il peut bien prendre Rangoon." Autre trait de la même période, et qui se rapporte