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No!" replied the enraged mother; "he is all thine own! Console thyself, poor John; thou alone hast been my mate. And who is this 'Pollo, the humbug who has deceived thee so? Yes, I am lame, but when I was washing my linen, if any coxcomb had approached me, I would have hit him on the mouth with a stroke of my mallet!"

"Well, 'Pollo, how's yo' case on Miss Lily comin' on?" either one would say, with a wink at the other, and Apollo would artlessly report the state of the heavens with relation to his particular star, as when he once replied to this identical question, "Well, Miss Lily was mighty obstropulous 'istiddy, but she is mo' cancelized dis mornin'."

"Yas, I'm named 'Pollo Belvedere, an' my marster gi'e me dat intitlemint on account o' my shape," he would say, with a strut, on occasion, if he were bantered, for he had learned that the name held personal suggestions which it took a little bravado to confront. Evidently Apollo's master was a humorist.

Having heard this much, 'Pollo thought it time to come from his hiding, and he strolled leisurely out in the other direction first, but soon returned this way. And then he stopped, and reaching over, took the feather fan and for a few moments he had his innings. Then some one else came along and the conversation became impersonal, and one by one they all dropped off all except 'Pollo.

As they stood talking it over the two heroes had nothing to say, of course, and 'Pollo began rolling a cigarette an art he had learned from the man from New Orleans. Finally he remarked, "Yas, Miss Lily got sev'al mighty nice presents last night." At this Pierre turned, laughing, and said, "I s'pose you geeve 'er somet'ing too, eh?" "Pity you hadn't a-give her dat silk hankcher.

She was directing the men with the carro where to place the cooking-stove that had been brought from Orvieto, in the dark and half-ruinous kitchen on the lower floor of the convent; marvelling the while at the risotto and the pollo that the local artist, their new cook, the sister of the farmer's wife, was engaged in producing, out of apparently nothing in the way either of fire or tools.

I a'n't handsome enough by a long shot fer a Jupiter or a 'Pollo. An' I tell you, Cynthy, 'tain't no sin to love. Love is the fullfilling of the law." But Cynthy Ann persisted that she must consult Brother Goshorn, the antiquated class-leader at the cross-roads. Brother Goshorn was a good man, but Jonas had a great contempt for him.

Topete, and Serrano who had once been what the Spaniards called Pollo Real himself were bound in honour to uphold his candidature for the vacant throne; their promise had been given long before the pronunciamiento at Cadiz had made successful revolution possible. Prim alone stood firm: "Jamas, jamas!" In those words he signed his own death-warrant.

She had a relay of slippers ready, and there was a scramble as to who should put them on; but she settled that question by making 'Pollo rise, with his fiddle in his arms, and lend her his chair for a minute while she pulled them on herself. Then she let Pete and Pierre each have one of the discarded slippers as a trophy.

Aren't I just like the weal Diana now?" "Did you make this bow all by yourself?" asked Apollo. "Yes; why shouldn't I?" "Well, it's awfully crooked." "Is it?" said Diana; "I thought it was beautiful. Can you stwaighten it for me a little bit, 'Pollo?" "I think I can make you a better bow than this," answered Apollo. "Oh, can you? What a darlin' you is!

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