I reckon he did have some talk wif somebody!" "Tell us, Lize," Mr. Marston said, "what has Uncle Simon done?" "He done brung somebody else, dat young Merrit darky, to oc'py his pu'pit. He in'juce him, an' 'en he say dat he gwine be absent a few Sundays, an' 'en he tek hissef off, outen de chu'ch, widout even waitin' fu' de sehmont." "Well, didn't you have a good sermon?"

She an' Marse Chan still set a heap o' sto' by one 'nudder, but I don' t'ink dey wuz easy wid each udder ez when he used to tote her home from school on his back. Marse Chan he use' to love de ve'y groun' she walked on, dough, in my 'pinion. Heh! His face 'twould light up whenever she come into chu'ch, or anywhere, jes' like de sun hed come th'oo a chink on it suddenly.

You oughter seed dat toof, boss. Hit wuz wunner deze yer fo'-prong fellers. Ef she'd a grow'd wrong eend out'ard, I'd a bin a bad nigger long arter I jin'd de chu'ch. You year'd my ho'n!"

Dey called it a Foh Day Baptis' Chu'ch dat is, fer foh days you'se a Baptis', an' de rest de week you'se nuthin' 't all. Ole Zack wuz crazy 'bout it; in fac', he wuz de prime mover, cyarrin' on most of his op'rations durin' dem las' three days.

Her daddy was a Yankee kunnel, who died fighting fer ou' freedom. She come heah when we yas, Mr. Chuhman, when you an' Br'er Cotten was jes sot free, an' when none er us didn' have a rag ter ou' backs. She come heah, an' she tuk yo' child'n an' my child'n, an' she teached 'em sense an' manners an' religion an' book-l'arnin'. When she come heah we didn' hab no chu'ch.

When my wife, Mandy, wuz 'live, I tuck 'n cyar'ed her long up ter one er dese yer revivals, en' ole Sis Saphiry Baker come 'long gittin' happy, en fo' de Lawd she rid 'er clean roun' de chu'ch. Naw, suh, de religion I wanter lay holt on is de religion uv rest." "I ain' never sarved my Lawd wid laziness," put in Aunt Verbeny reprovingly.

So what'd he do but slip Zack a piece of money, an' tell him to git some of dem candles fer his cake. Den Zack stole out on a mule, an' rid to town; an' now i'se gwine tell you how he busted up dat chu'ch!" She began again to laugh, and the Colonel, wiping tears from his eyes, merrily cried: "It's the truth, every word of it!"

DE Big Bethel chu'ch! de Big Bethel chu'ch! Done put ole Satun behine um; Ef a sinner git loose fum enny udder chu'ch, De Big Bethel chu'ch will fine um! Hit's good ter be dere, en it's sweet ter be dere, Wid de sisterin' all aroun' you A shakin' dem shackles er mussy en' love Wharwid de Lord is boun' you.

Hit looks pisonous tickly ter me, days wat I sez, but w'en dey keep up dey naggin' day in en day out, en I carn' git shunt er um, I hop right up en put on my Sunday bes' en go 'long wid 'em ter de chu'ch me en Eve bofe a-mincin' des like peacocks.

Hit don't take more'n one good, perseverin' hypocrite in the chu'ch to spile the name o' chu'ch-member as fur as ye can holler it.