"But I am a fair man, I hope, even to myself, and the cooler, less-tortured judgment of the subsequent years has practically assured me that, for types as diametrically opposed as ours, such a thing as mutual happiness never could have existed." Mechanically he bent down and smoothed a tickly lock of hair away from the little girl's eyelids.

But the girls remembered a governess they had once witnessed whose hair was brief as any boy's, so they put a large hat, with a very tight elastic behind, on to Oswald's head, just as it was, and then with a tickly, pussyish, featherish thing round his neck, hanging wobblily down in long ends, he looked more young-lady-like than he will ever feel. Some courage was needed for the start next day.

Valerie doesn't dream what it is, and while she's talking, keeps trying to brush off the tickly thing. Come and see her!" Patricia did not stir. She longed to see the fun, but she felt rather abashed to come out from her corner. The sound of a violin being tuned proved too tempting, however, and she joined Arabella in the doorway.

He'd have called it pride, but the nixycomlogical name for it is laziness. No woman don't like to run after a man. 'Let him come back, hisself, says the girl; and I'll be bound she tells the boy with the pay ore to trot; and then spends her time watching out the window for the man with the empty pocket-book and the tickly moustache.

"And Thad, do I have to give up these nice clean sheets; and crawl in between the folds of a nasty, rough, tickly blanket?" asked Smithy, pleadingly. "It will be just as well for you to begin right, Number Five," said the scout-master, pleasantly but firmly. "Sooner or later, if you stick by the Silver Fox Patrol, you've got to learn how to rough it.

He answered that it was two days, or rather one and a half, and that the horses would await us at twelve on the following day. We went to bed early to make up for last night, but Jan, having felt rather tickly all day, hunted the corners of his shirt and found dare we mention it a louse, souvenir de Liéva Riéka.

"Didn't you like it?" he asked. "Well, it gave me the most tickly tingle." "And all I got was a sort of mild electric shock. Come on." "No." "Well, then, I'll do it to you." "All right. Just once." Leaping to the end of this midnight research, there are three primary ways of concluding, namely: 1, physical satisfaction; 2, physical exhaustion; and 3, interruption.

And he began to whirl round and dance, till the little Rabbit got quite dizzy. "I don't like dancing," he said. "I'd rather sit still!" But all the while he was longing to dance, for a funny new tickly feeling ran through him, and he felt he would give anything in the world to be able to jump about like these rabbits did. The strange rabbit stopped dancing, and came quite close.

The fly question is becoming serious. It seems odd, too, as he neither stings nor bites, that he should be so objectionable; but his tickly method of walking over your nose or down your neck, and the exasperating pertinacity with which he refuses to take "no" for an answer when you flick him delicately with a handkerchief, but "cuts" and comes again, maddens you until you rise, bloody-minded in your wrath, and, seizing the nearest sledgehammer, fall upon the brute as he sits twiddling his legs in a sunny patch on the table, then lo

"That tickly feeling!" exclaimed Isobel. "I often ride up here to the cañon, I do so love to feel that way! Only with me it's like ants crawling up and down my back." "O-o-o-oh!" again sighed Genevieve. "It it so overpowers one!" "It's sure some cañon," admitted her husband. "That French artist Doré ought to have seen it."