Lilian and her mother, trembling and struggling with their tears, followed the bearers. The crowd which always accompanies disaster, even in a village, made its comments as the melancholy little cortege went along, and Lilian could not fail to overhear. Hodges was there. 'I know'd what it ud come to, proclaimed Hodges loudly. 'They was a naggin' every night, like mad, they was.

"I ain't askin' no questions," went on Kenelm calmly. "I ain't told nobody and I shan't unless unless somebody keeps naggin' and makes me mad. But I shan't change my clothes this day; and I shan't do nothin' else unless I feel like it, either." His sister stared at him blankly for a moment. Then she fled from the room.

"You're getting more obstinate every day, Sam'l Tobin. I don't know what's coming over you." "Sense, Martha, jist common sense. I'm seein' things in a new light. Every time I come home ye keep naggin' so much at me that I'm always glad when I git on board the boat agin. I wish to goodness I was thar now. Wonder how Eben's makin' out." "Most likely he's asleep," Flo laughingly replied.

The news was brought by Jack Brynn Dhas, the peddlar, that said he met the corporal iv the regiment on the quay iv Limerick, an' how he brought him into a public-house and thrated him to a naggin, and got all the news about poor Billy Malowney out iv him while they war dhrinkin' it; an' a sorrowful story it was.

She was always naggin' me." "I don't think Lucretia Burns would nag anybody. I don't say you're all to blame, but I'm afraid you haven't acknowledged you were any to blame. I'm afraid you've not been patient with her. I'm going out to bring her in. If she comes, will you say you were part to blame? You needn't beg her pardon just say you'll try to be better. Will you do it?

Heath-broom, freestone, black turf, gather them up. Oh! gradh machree, Mavourneen, Won't you buy our heath-broom? When the season is over Won't we be in clover, With the gold in our pockets We got from heath-broom. It's home we will toddle, And we'll get a naggin, And we'll drink to the maidens that bought our heath-broom. Heath-broom, freestone, black turf, gather them up.

She had hardly time to say 'good-bye. I wonder what has come over her." "H'm," the captain grunted contemptuously, "most likely the hawk has been worryin' that poor little bird in there, and it was that which made her so happy. I don't know of anything on earth that would please that skinny creature as much as naggin' at some poor little innocent thing like Whyn, fer instance.

"How did you manage to stay out of the fold among so many religious people?" "I don't exactly know." Webb's freckled face held a reflective look. "I kept puttin' it off from year to year, thinkin' I would jine, especially as everybody was constantly naggin me about it. Seems to me that I was the chief subject at every revival they held. It bothered me considerable, I tell you.

But the thought kep a naggin' me stiddy, and then here is the curious part of it the thought nagged me, and I nagged Josiah, or not exactly nagged; not a clear nag; I despise them, and always did. But I kinder kep' it before his mind from day to day, and from hour to hour. And the idee would keep a tellin' me things and I would keep a tellin' 'em to my companion.

Per deam Partulam et Pertundam nunc est bibendum! All off for a buster, armstrong, hollering down the street. Bonafides. Where you slep las nigh? Timothy of the battered naggin. Like ole Billyo. Any brollies or gumboots in the fambly? Where the Henry Nevil's sawbones and ole clo? Sorra one o' me knows. Hurrah there, Dix! Forward to the ribbon counter. Where's Punch? All serene.