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Of course, it isn't hard to say: "'Sweet month of May, time of the violet wild, The dandelion golden, and the mild Ethereal sweetness of the blossoming trees, The soft suggested calor of the breeze, The ruby-breasted robin on the lawn, The thrushes piping sweetly at the dawn, The gently splashing waters by the weir, The rose- and lilac-laden atmosphere'

I was preparing to return, and had thrust one leg back through the hedge, when a harsh voice apparently that of a man mingled with the silvery tones. "Anda! anda! hace mucho calor. Vamos a volver." "Ah, no, Pepe! un ratito mas." "Vaya, carrambor!" Again the clear laughter rang out, mingled with the clapping of hands and short exclamations of delight.

Listen to his own description of himself in one of the popular canzonetti sung about the streets by wandering musicians to the accompaniment of a violin and guitar: "Ma per altro son uomo ingegnoso, Non possiedo, ma sono padrone; Vendo l' acqua con spirto e limone Finche dura d' estate il calor. "Ho an capello di paglia, ma bello!

In the former he is 'relative ad intellectum humanum, lux lucifica, sol intelligibilis: relative ad existentiam humanam, anima animans, calor fovens'. In the latter he is 'vita vivificans, principium spiritualis, id est, veræ reproductionis in vitam veram'. Now this principle, or 'vis vitæ vitam vivificans', considered in 'forma passiva, assimilationem patiens', at the same time that it excites the soul to the vital act of assimilating this is the Blood of Christ, really present through faith to, and actually partaken by, the faithful.

If there be such a thing as inflammation of the blood, and I believe there is, then this change must effect the red corpuscles themselves, as to size, temperature and perhaps pain, thus supplying three of the well known characteristics of inflammation, expressed so tersely by the old latin formula, rubor, tumor, calor cum dolore.

In helping to disband his party, he had cashiered himself; and there remained to him now, for the residue of his days, but that frailest of all sublunary treasures, a Prince's friendship. "dextra crinem secat, omnis et una Dilapsus calor, atque in ventos vita recessit."

DON EDUARDO. Y al notar yo el furor de sus miradas y el calor con que se expresa, le protesto a usted empiezo a temer además que ya no quiera atender a otras razones, que nos quiera separar, y aun para separarnos más pronto que la coja ahora mismo del brazo y se la lleve a su gabinete. DON PEDRO. Eso es, eso es, ni más ni menos, lo que voy a hacer.... Vente conmigo. DOÑA MATILDE. ¿Pero papá?

The Samnites were a warlike and pastoral people who inhabited the rugged mountain district between the valleys of the Vulturnus and the Calor, but they were nevertheless barbarians, and the contest between them and the Romans was for the sovereignty of Italy. I need not mention the alleged causes, or the details of a sanguinary war.

"Wells Pearson, of the Mucho Calor, and Burrows, of Green Valley," was the response. "We want to buy some goods in the store. Sorry to wake you up but we must have 'em. Come on out, Uncle Tommy, and get a move on you." Uncle Tommy was slow, but at length they got him behind his counter with a kerosene lamp lit, and told him of their dire need. "Easter hats?" said Uncle Tommy, sleepily.

I can use that sorrel for a lady's animal when when somebody comes over to Mucho Calor, and " Burrows' dark face glowered so suddenly that the cowman broke off his sentence. But Pearson could never feel any pressure for long. "What's all this Easter business about, Burr?" he asked, cheerfully. "Why do the women folks have to have new hats by the almanac or bust all cinches trying to get 'em?"