And I'm know, too, how for mak how for mak " He rubbed his pointed little chin vigorously to jog his laggard memory, and then continued, triumphantly: "Ah, oui! ah, oui! how for mak what de Anglish call de Creesmis plum-puddin', and if you lak I will do de cookin' for you."

I asked why, and was told that a woman had heard me speak German. I replied that I was English. "Zat ve saal soon zee," said one of my captors. "I spek Anglish like an Anglishman, address to me the vord in Anglish." I replied that the gentleman spoke English with so perfect an accent that I thought he must be a fellow-countryman.

"MADAME NANCANOU: I muss oblige to ass you for rent of that house whare you living, it is at number 19 Bienville street whare I do not received thos rent from you not since tree mons and I demand you this is mabe thirteen time. And I give to you notice of 19 das writen in Anglish as the new law requi.

Besides the farmer, another person had witnessed the adventures of Vital's plate! After considerable solicitation and stimulating applause, farmer Charest rose to deliver the first speech. "As dare are," he began in broken English, "a few farmer here who not spick de French lanwige, I will try for spick a few words in Anglish.

Hastings caught a glimpse of a young man with a big head and several snuffy old gentlemen at breakfast, before the door closed and the stout woman waddled into the room, bringing with her an aroma of coffee and a black poodle." "It ees a plaisir to you receive!" she cried. "Monsieur is Anglish? No? Americain? Off course. My pension it ees for Americains surtout.

"Sa !" He gave forth a particularly unpleasant sound from his throat, "You betes Anglish, you send my wessel to bottom last cruise, and sixty of my braves-garcons wid her. I vow I send every Anglishman I catch to look for them. S-a-a ." He looked so vicious that I thought he would execute his threat forthwith. I did my best, however, to put on a bold front.

Even at this day, it is a provincialism of New England to say "Anglish" instead of "Inglish," and there is a close conformity of sound between "Anglish" and "yengeese," more especially if the latter word, as was probably the case, be pronounced short. The transition from "Yengeese," thus pronounced, to "Yankees" is quite easy.

I know I not spick de lanwige vary much, but my son Zotique, who just come from de States, he spick Anglish just so well as de Anglish, and so he mak you spich better dan I mak." He turned and laid his hand affectionately on Zotique's head. Zotique colored at the unexpected compliment, and looking down into Miss Katie White's bright blue eyes, smiled, and shook his head deprecatingly.

"Hurrah, that's just like him!" cried True Blue, turning to his shipmates; "and I say, Mynheer, you'll fight, won't you?" he added, seizing the Dutchman's hand and wringing it heartily. "Ya, va! I'll stick by you brave Anglish lads," answered the Dutchman.

"That's pretty well up to one of Mr Johnson's yarns," observed Grey to me. "I wish the old fellow could understand him; the boatswain would take the shine out of him I suspect." "Bah, dat is noting," said the colonel. "I vill tell you many more curieuse tings. You talk much of de Anglish ladies. Vel, des are passablement bien; but des all get dronk ven des can.