It was minutes before either of them could think of anything other than her safety and the fact that they were together again. But then Tommy said, in a shaken effort to be himself again: "I I'd have done better if if I'd had roller skates, maybe." His grin was wholly unconvincing. "Why'd you get out of the Tube?" "Its eyes!" Evelyn shuddered, her own eyes hidden against Tommy's shoulder.

His uncle drew a tremendous breath, and pulled himself upright. "Boy," he said, "why in the hell did you ever go and do a thing like that?... Haven't I been pretty decent to you, the best I knew how?... Why'd you ever go, and have I been mistaken in you all this while? Why, boy, I thought you and me were friends." There was another heavy silence. "I don't know. It just happened.

"He's taken the trail up the canyon an' cut across over the hills to that old shanty on Bald-eagle Creek. It stands " "I know where it is," said Purvis. "Why'd he move?" "Things was gettin' too hot. I rode over to tell him that the boys was talkin' of huntin' up the canyon to see if they could get any clue of him. They knowed from Joe Cumberland that the gang was once here."

He had engineered this moment carefully; a galling anger rose to meet hers as he felt his labors wasted. "Don't get flighty," he growled. "You knew I'd come, didn't you? Why'd you leave your door unlocked if you didn't expect me?" Lorelei stepped to her dressing-table and pressed the pearl push- button, holding her finger upon it and staring at Hayman. "Oh, ring and be damned!" he cried.

They drifted from letters to the curiosities of each other's day. "Whose tea was it?" "People named Abercrombie." "Why'd you stay late? Meet a luscious debutante?" "Yes." "Did you really?" Anthony's voice lifted in surprise. "Not a debutante exactly. Said she came out two winters ago in Kansas City." "Sort of left-over?"

The justice paused. "Do you wish to challenge any of these charges as contrary to fact?" The Citizen's Representative said hurriedly: "You have the right to deny any of them, of course." "Why should I?" asked Hoddan. "I did them! But what's this about me killing somebody? Why'd they tear my place apart looking for something? Who'd I kill, anyhow?"

"You see I am listening," she said gravely and almost gently. "Although I am really not well. And I hardly see the point of this long recital of crimes. It was because I foresaw what he would become that I sent him away." "Miss Cornish, why'd you take him in in the first place?" "It's a long story," said Elizabeth. "I'm a pretty good listener," said Kate.

Find out if Heleb was one of the planets they seeded." "Right. Hang on." There was a long silence, then: "Lew, this is Stet. How come the question about Heleb?" "Was it on that Nathian list?" "Negative. Why'd you ask?" "Are you sure, Stet? It'd explain a lot of things." "It's not on the lists, but ... wait a minute." Silence.

Later, when the shadows stole through the forest on the cool wind, and the camp-fire glowed comfortably, Dale broached the subject that possessed him. "An' so you're working for Beasley?" he queried, by way of starting conversation. "We was," drawled John. "But to-day, bein' the end of our month, we got our pay an' quit. Beasley sure was sore." "Why'd you knock off?"

She called to the little combination maid and model who had accompanied us. "Clesta's afraid of you, Helen. 'Why'd ye fetch me 'long? she whimpers. 'Miss Kitty, why'd ye fetch me 'long? Huh, I 'member how you used to have his picture with yours in a white and gold frame!" Helen scarcely replied to Kitty's raptures.