"You did?" "Just didn't I?... I gave him such a oner just like this!"... Lifting his enormous hairy fist, Hogshead Geoffrey brought it down on the table with disastrous results: the ancient worm-eaten board was split from end to end! Flattering remarks were showered on this colossus from all sides. "Ho! ho!

"Go 'long wid you, honey," she returned. "I ain' oner yo' new-come niggers. I'se done riz mo' chillun den you'se got teef in yo' haid, en I ain' gwine ter have Marse Dudley's chile projecked wid 'fo' my eyes. You ain' no mo' fitten ter nuss dis chile den Marse Dudley hisse'f is." "O Delphy!" gasped Eugenia reproachfully.

He says, "The Big Wind" ain't to blame much for thinking he's the white-haired darlin', he says, 'because his friends should put him wise that he ain't. And Tony Gaston, what drives oner Jimmy Duggan's coal-wagons, he says, 'The Bigga de Wind is an awful mutt, so he ups and asks why don't Jimmy Duggan run, so Pa says 'Carried, and Tommy Watson makes 'em do it all reg'lar, and they forms the People's Party and puts Jimmy Duggan up for their man."

"Faith!" exclaimed the Alderman, "I'm contint to lave them with the spaech of yir 'oner." Mr. Dooley, if the truth must be told, was not in a condition to get off smooth sentences, though his deportment would have afforded much diversion. And as good speeches lost nothing by keeping, he resolved not to let his off just yet.

"Well," said William, when it came to his turn, "I'm glad to be back too. Not that I didn't like it. Say, after the first day, I enjoyed ev'ry minute. If I was oner them kind that wakes up in the night and thinks about the past, I'd blush in the dark for the fool I was. But when I falls asleep it's me's a log till somebody yells in my ear that breakfast's ready.

But she ain' been dar mo'n er week when one night she went a-traipsin' out on de street en lef er principles behint 'er, en, bless yo' life, oner dem ar Yankees breck right in en stole 'em smack 'way f'om 'er. Yo' trunk is a moughty risky place ter kyar yo' principles, but Viney, she wuz dat sot up." A nod of assent passed round the group.

"That's 'im," explained their owner, nudging a big man in shabby white drill, who was shouldering a deliberate way through the press. "The Colonel and ain't 'e a Regular Oner! Them along of 'im with the red shoulder-straps and brown leather leggin's, they're cav'l'ry Orficers o' the Staff, they are. An' them others in khâki with puttees syme as wot I've got on they're the Medical Swells.

"I'se got sorter hard er heahin', Marse Gabriel, but dar's al'ays a tur'able lot er fuss gwine on w'en de chillen begin ter come up f'om de fields. 'T wuz becase uv oner dem ar boys dat I sont fur you," she pursued. "He went plum outer his haid yestiddy en fout wid a w'ite man down yonder at Cross's Co'nder, en dar's gwine ter be trouble about'n hit des ez sho' ez you live."

"Don't interfere, sir," said Sir Humphrey; "it is to get the head out." "I know," said the American; "but one of those borings is a round keyhole. He'll open the head from inside if he's awake: and if he don't I can." "If he's awake!" said Brace bitterly. "P'raps he isn't, for he's a oner to sleep. Stand aside, skipper."

But I won't never be hard on no buy as wants to make a honest livin'. So you be hoff! I'll show the old gen'leman where he wants to go to. BILL moves two paces, and takes a sight at him. Tho. The Lord be praised! Dosto know eawr Mattie then? James. It's the dooty of a detective hofficer to know every girl in his beat. Bill. My eye! there's a oner! Tho. Tak mo to her, sir, an' aw'll pray for yo.