Oh! I hev been a heap too quick an' spiteful myself. I hev been so terrible wrong! Look a-hyar; he lef' this glove ter show me he hed been hyar, an' could hev tuk the baby ef he hed hed the heart ter do it. Oh! I'm goin' right up the mounting an' tell him how sorry I be." "Toler'ble cheap!" grumbled Stephen "one old glove. An' he'll git Elnathan Daniel an' ye too. A smart fox he be."

De Lord, he ain't gwine ter say, 'Scuze dat nigger, caze he got money piled up; lef 'im erlone, fur ter count dat gol' an' silver. No, sar!

Leadbatter was taken aback by this obverse view of the situation; but recovering herself, she shook her head. "I wouldn't cry for no brother that lef me to starve when he was rollin' in two and a 'arf million dollars," she said sceptically. "And I'm sure my Rosie wouldn't. But she never 'ad nobody to leave her money, poor dear child, except me, please Gaud.

"We can beat them off, as we did those last night." "Gossifus! Some ob us git killed for shore, if dey keep shooten wid de guns." "Better die than be taken, Cyd. We must believe this before we can be sure of success." "Dat's what I's gwine to do," added Quin. "Dis chile will fight till dey ain't notin lef ob him ye kin be shore ob dat." "Possifus!

"'Fired' is the word when a biscuit-shooter is dismissed," she returned coldly. "I hear you get lef' by that loafer, too. I tole you, mam'selle, that fellow Van Lennop no good. I know that kind, I see that kind before, Mees Teesdale. Lak every pretty girl an' have good time, then 'pouf! zat is all!" She turned upon him hotly, her face a mixture of humiliation and angry resentment.

En ez I doan want no mo' d'n w'at 's fair 'bout dis thing, ef you'll retch up wid yo' paw en take down dat go'd hangin' on dat peg ober de chimbly, en take a sip er dat mixtry, it'll tu'n you back ter a nigger ag'in, en I kin die mo' sad'sfied 'n ef I lef you lack you is.

Lizabetha Prokofievna's face brightened up, too; so did that of General Epanchin. "I told you Lef Nicolaievitch was a man a man if only he would not be in such a hurry, as the princess remarked," said the latter, with delight. Aglaya alone seemed sad and depressed; her face was flushed, perhaps with indignation. "He really is very charming," whispered the old dignitary to Ivan Petrovitch.

He spoke with a vile snuffing cockney accent, and thrust out his hand to Desmond. Then he added to Mortimer: "There's three on 'em. That's the count, ain't it? I lef' the car outside on the drive!"

For several minutes he stood with one of these in his hand, staring with a perplexed and troubled frown at a julep which had not been tasted. "Dar ain' no fly in it, dat's suah," he mumbled, "but I cyarn' see what de trubble is! An' it ain' Marse John's, 'caze he drinked his'n whilst I wuz heah! De onlies' answer is dat Marse Brent done lef it fer de ole nigger!"

The water say to people on Mackinac, "Rosalin and Ignace Pelott, they are on Round Island." What make you proud, maybe, when you turn it and look at it the other way, make you sick. But I cannot walk the broken ice, and if I could, she would be lef alone with the dogs. I think I will build another camp.