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Is that Eugenia?" to a little girl of seven or eight years, with a puppy of the pointer breed in her arms, and "How are you, Sampson?" to the coloured driver. The three greeted him simultaneously, whereupon he leaned forward, resting his hand upon the side of the carriage. "The young folks are growing up," he said. "I have just seen Juliet Burwell, and, on my life, she gets prettier every day.

It was the handsome boyish face of a stranger, yet so startlingly familiar that she looked at it with a puzzled frown. "Why should Eugenia be sending me this?" she thought. "And where have I seen that man befoah?" Then, "Phil Tremont!" she exclaimed aloud the next instant. "That's who it reminds me of. It is almost exactly like him, only it is oldah-looking, and the nose isn't quite like his."

It was strange how childish the strong man became, counting those threads of hair; and when at last the labor was completed, he wept because there were no more. Fifteen hundred dollars seemed too small a sum to pay for what would give him so much joy; and he mourned that the tress had not been larger, quite as much as did Eugenia, when she heard of his odd fancy.

Mary caught a glimpse of his meeting with Eugenia, in the hall, and when he came in, cordial as a boy in his welcome, and by numberless little courtesies showing himself the most considerate of hosts and husbands, she thought again, "This is one time it was certainly all 'for better." "Where is 'Pat's Pill'?" he asked, looking around for Phil.

When he spoke it was with embarrassed hesitation. "I say, daughter." Eugenia looked up eagerly. "Didn't that spotted cow of Moses' die last week?" "That it did," replied Eugenia emphatically. "It got loose in your clover, pasture and ate itself too full. Moses says it bu'st." "Pish!" exclaimed the general angrily. "My clover! I tell you, they won't leave me a roof over my head.

"If he should talk of me favorably," Eugenia continued, "warn him against dangerous illusions. I detest importunities; I want to decide at my leisure, with my eyes open." "I shall be discreet," said Felix, "except to you. To you I will say, Accept him outright." She had advanced to the open door-way, and she stood looking at him.

"It's the dearest old town in the world," said Eugenia. "Well, I believe it is strange, I used to find it dull, don't you think? By the way, will you let me ride with you sometimes? I hear you are as great a horsewoman as ever." Eugenia looked up calmly. "I go very early," she answered. "Can you get up at daybreak?" He laughed his pleasant laugh. "Oh, I might manage it," he rejoined.

It was only so at times, and from peculiar circumstances; but I was always generous, and easily recalled to a sense of my duty, when reminded of my fault. Not for an empire would I have persuaded Eugenia to break her vow. I loved and respected the mother of my child; the more when I reflected that she had been the means of preserving my fidelity to Emily.

Eugenia was sitting silently in a low, split-bottomed chair, her hands folded in her lap and her animated eyes on the dark faces across from her, over whose wrinkled surfaces the dancing firelight chased in ruddy lights and shadows.

Joyce shook her head and walked on, singing gaily, over her shoulder, "Other fish to fry, so it can't be I. Thank you kindly, ma'am!" "Eugenia, Elizabeth, do either of you want to go?" Mrs. Sherman asked, stopping the dog-cart beside the hammock. "No, I believe not, thank you," said Eugenia, languidly. "It's so hot this morning."

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