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I jes' ris dat ar con' wid my own han' right down de road at my f'ont do', an' po'd de water on hit outer de pump at my back un. I'se monst'ous glad ter praise de Lawd fur what He done done, but I ain' gwine ter gin 'im credit fur de wuk er my own fis' en foot." "Are you going by Jordan's Journey, uncle? I'd like to send Reuben Merryweather's buckwheat to him."

"Marian shall see mammy now," he said solemnly, as he rose from his stool still holding the child to his breast. "I'se so glad!" and she gave a little jump in his arms. "Good daddy!" "But father's little poppet must be quiet, and not talk, or cry." "No," said Marian with childhood's readiness to make a required promise.

Up to this moment Jake had felt quite softened towards the man he had once thought to kill. But now he wanted to knock him down, but restrained himself with a great effort, and answered, "I axes yer pardon, but I'se allus thought so an' an' I thinks so still."

"Dat's jest what I'se doin', honey! Jest what I'se doin'!" gasped Eradicate, hardly able to speak from laughter. "Yo' suah am a most contrary lookin' specimen! Yo' suah is! Ha! Ha!" "Stop it!" commanded Andy. "Don't you dare laugh at me, after throwing whitewash on me." "I didn't throw no whitewash on you!" protested the colored man. "Yo' done poured it over yo'se'f, dat's what yo' done did.

He drank the water she gave him, and handing back the glass, inquired if she did not feel lonely and chilled by the cold climate? "I'se allus warm and comfortable where dat ere chile is," said the woman, looking at Agnes, "any place 'pears like home when she's by, and I 'xpect she feels like dat where old aunty is, if she is poor."

Clancy will get out of his scrape remains to be seen." "Well, I tells you how he git out. I'se keep an eye on dat limpsey-slimpsey runaway as well as on de pots an kittles, an she's gwine ter run away agin from dis yere town jes as soon as de way open. Dat'll be de las you see ob her." "She's had a hard time of it, poor thing," said Mrs.

"Oh, yes, I kin stan' it, 'cause I'se got ter. I'se been sleepin' in de woods ebber sence, an' kin keep on at it; but I knows whar it'll end, an' so der you, Miss Mollie." "No, it shall not, 'Gena. You are right. It is not safe for you to stay. Just hide yourself a few nights more, till I can look after things for you here, and I will take you away to the North, where there are no Ku Klux!"

Think I wuz fou' w'en de wah started." "Mah mammy en daddy wuz Mary en Ennock Brown." "Mah missis en marster wuz Polly en Randall Brown." "Dunno ob any ob our fam'ly bein' sold. W'en freedum wuz declar' we wuz tu'n loose wid nothin'. Mah daddy tuk us down in de kuntry, raised crops en made us wuk in de fiel'." "I'se cooked a leetle fer urther peeple, but mos' ob mah wuk has bin laundry.

You know, my Uncle Jordan, Matty " She hesitated to confide in the negro woman what her father had told her. So she contented herself with: "He's coming here soon." Matty rolled her eyes toward the girl. "I'se sorry for that, honey bunch." Then, without explaining her words, asked: "Want me to finish about Jonathan Woggles' grandpa dyin'?" But Virginia's mind was traveling in another channel.

That solemn dignitary bowed as low as his stiff white collar would permit, but soliloquized: "I guess I is sumpen too black to tell a white lie, so I'se say dey is engaged." As the ladies swept away, leaning heavily on the arms of their favored gallants, he added, with a slight grin illumining the gravity of his face, "It looks mighty like it."

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