"Well, Griselda," whispered a voice, which she knew was the cuckoo's; "so you don't like to be told you are like your grandmother, eh?" Griselda turned round sharply to look for the speaker, but he was not to be seen. And when she turned again, the picture of the great saloon had faded away. One more picture. Griselda looked again.

"What are you smiling about, Betty, all to yoahself?" asked Lloyd. "You look as if you are a thousand miles away." Betty glanced up with a little start. "Oh, I was just thinking about the Cuckoo's Nest, and wishing that I could see Davy's face when they open the Christmas box I sent.

But to defend such things as thee 'Tis pity; For such as you esteem us least, Who ever have been ready prest To guard you and your cuckoo's nest, The City'" The offence is no sooner given than it is caught up by a gallant citizen, a goldsmith, named Ellis. "'Of London city I am free, And there I first my wife did see, And for that very cause, said he, 'I love it.

For even Doctor Levillier was curiously moved that night, and was unable to suppress every trace of abnormal emotion. They sat down. There were no flowers in the room. Valentine explained that he had remembered Cuckoo's fainting fit and feared its renewal. "I am afraid you are still scarcely yourself," he added, with a solicitude that was too elaborate to be agreeable.

And even when this freshness of insight has passed away, it occasionally happens that sights or sounds of unusual beauty or carrying deep associations a rainbow, a cuckoo's cry, a sunset of extraordinary splendour will renew for a while this sense of vision and nearness to the spiritual world a sense which never loses its reality, though with advancing years its presence grows briefer and more rare.

The doctor, in a hurry of business, had omitted to give Lawler any instructions in the event of Cuckoo's prompt response to his telegram. So she was shown into the waiting-room, in which three or four people were turning over illustrated papers with an air of watchful idleness and attentive leisure. Cuckoo sat down in a corner as quietly as possible, and Lawler vanished.

Was it that her little guest had no hat, she wondered, or was it because no one in the cuckoo's nest had ever taught her any better than to go travelling in such style? And carrying a little old-fashioned willow basket, too! How odd and countrified she looked! But Lloyd was too ladylike to show her disappointment.

This jealous little wretch has the wise forethought, when the box in which he builds contains two compartments, to fill up one of them, so as to avoid the risk of troublesome neighbors. The less skillful builders sometimes depart from their usual habit, and take up with the abandoned nest of some other species. The blue jay now and then lays in an old crow's nest or cuckoo's nest.

That is no evidence of lack of intelligence. The cuckoo's difficulty, or one of its difficulties, seems to be in the providing sufficient food for its ravenous young. A half-fledged cuckoo is already a large bird, and needs a bulk of soft food for its support. Three of them would wear out their mother completely, especially if as may possibly be the case the male cuckoo will not help in feeding.

"Do you suppose," asked the second one, "that you are the only living thing that craves with a hungry longing to hear the cuckoo's note again?" "In due time," said the third, "we shall be home-sick once more for quiet water-lilies swaying on the surface of an English stream. But to-day all that seems pale and thin and very far away. Just now our blood dances to other music."