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"It's jest this, Sam," replied the woman: "Yer tuk me, tellin' me ye'd love me an' honor me an' pertect me. You mean to say, now, yev done it? I'm a-dyin', Sam I hain't got no favors to ask of nobody, an' I'm tellin' the truth, not knowin' what word'll be my last." "Then tell a feller where the killin' came in, Mary, for heaven's sake," said the unhappy Sam.

Buckrow, buying a ship to come back here for it, wouldn't ye or mayhap ye'd leave that part of it to Petrak." "How'll ye get away with it if yer so sharp about it?" demanded Buckrow. "What can ye do outside what we can do hey, Thirkle?" "I've got it all planned out, ye can bank on that. I didn't get this gold here without knowing what I was at, or how I was going to draw through.

When at last Jean Craigmile returned, a glance at her face was quite enough to convince Ellen that things had not gone well. She held her peace, however, until her sister had had time to remove her bonnet and her shawl and dress herself for the house, before she broke in upon Jean's grim silence. Then she said: "Weel, Jean. I'm thinkin' ye'd better oot wi' it."

A chaos, a rush, a mighty blast of air, and they were gone! Then the laird turned to Pig Head, and, "Mon, ye dinna ken th' laird. If ye did w-e-e-l, Ah'm thinkin' ye'd understand." Between the clumps of the stunted acacias the sun beat down with the pitilessness of a battleship's furnace, and it was not much better in the acacias themselves.

He jus' hauled it off th' way ye'd haul off a porous plasther, raked off th' whole iv Muttons's fr-ront ilivation. 'I like ye'er face, he says, an' took it. An' all this time, an' 'twas fifty year ago, Muttons hasn't had a face to shave. Ne'er a one.

The cat spat viciously, startled by the sudden movement. "I wish ye'd left that damn cat to hum! I hain't no notion to be bit by no cat." "Kitty won't bite ye if ye let me alone will ye, Kitty? I ain't never afeard of nothin' when I got him with me be I, Kitty, pretty pussy?" "Stop a cooin', ye bughouse woman," snarled Crabbe, "and tell me what ye got to!" "I said Flea wasn't for you." "Ye lie!"

For a moment he were too much surprised to holler, but when he did he gave a yell as brought the hull tribe to their feet. Jack had taken up the sentry's rifle. "'Ye'd better have held yer tongue, he said as he leveled on the redskin, and before the whoop was out of his lips the bullet hit him and he went down like a log.

"Will he drink?" said Tom, awakening to the importance of the information. "Yas; 'mos' two buckets." "It's fever he's got," she said, turning to Pop. "I thought that yisterday noon when I sees him a-workin'. All right, Carl; I'll be down before I go to the board meetin'. And see here, Carl; ye'd better git ready to go wid me. I'll start in a couple o' hours.

"I can take one trunk," he said, "the one ye will want the most tonight, and ye'd better have the others hauled over tomorrow with the boxes. Ye can both go in the wagon, if ye like. The seat can be pushed back, and I can sit on the trunk myself, or ye can hire a kerridge." "Of course we will take a cab," said Ralph. "How far is it to Cobhurst?" "Well, some says three miles, and some says four.

Ye can na' tak the power o' the Lord in yer ain han's an' gie a man up to the law whan he's repentit. If ye'd seen him an' heard the words o' him and seen him greet, ye would ha' hid him in yer hairt an' covered wi' the mantle o' charity, as I did.