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At last we observed near the catacombs sundry heaps of pinkish earth, evidently washed out; and our researches in the South Country afterwards suggested that this may have been the remains of the micaceous schist, whose containing quartz was so extensively worked at Umm el-Harab. Moreover, a short study of Shaghab threw more light on the matter.

Traverse then began and delivered the dying directions of the late doctor, to the effect that his daughter Clara Day should not be removed from the paternal mansion, but that she should be suffered to remain there, retaining as a matronly companion her old friend Mrs. Marah Rocke. "Umm! umm! very ingenious, upon my word!" commented the colonel, still caressing his chin.

Anthropologically interesting as are the results of the excavations at Umm el-Gra'ab, they are no less historically important. There is no need here to weary the reader with the details of scientific controversy; it will suffice to set before him as succinctly and clearly as possible the net results of the work which has been done. Messrs.

"I guess it was my fault a good deal; but if you want the truth, you haven't been much of anything up to date. Now, have you?" "Umm! Disko thinks . . . Say, what d'you reckon it's cost you to raise me from the start first, last and all over?" Cheyne smiled. "I've never kept track, but I should estimate, in dollars and cents, nearer fifty than forty thousand; maybe sixty.

He turned to Trench, caught at him as if he feared the next moment would snatch him out of reach, and then he smiled. "I am in the prison at Omdurman," he said, "actually in the prison! This is Umm Hagar, the House of Stone. It seems too good to be true." He leaned back against the wall with an air of extreme relief.

Quoth I to myself, "This is another proof positive." Then I said to him, "And how couldst thou fall in love with one thou hast never seen?" He replied, "Know that I was sitting one day at the window, when, lo! there passed by a man, singing the following distich: "'Umm Amr', thy boons Allah repay! Give back my heart, be't where it may!"

Their present aspect is that of a wilderness of sand hillocks, covered with masses of fragments of red pottery, from which the site has obtained the modern Arab name of Umm el-Ga'ab, "Mother of Pots." It is impossible to move a step in any direction without crushing some of these potsherds under the heel.

It is separated by a broad valley from its southern neighbour, the Jebel el-Ughlub, or El-Ghalab as some call it. This typical block consists chiefly of a monstrous "Parrot's Beak" of granite, continued by a long dorsum to the south. Its outliers number four. These are, first, the Umm Natash, two sets of perpendicular buttresses pressed together like sausages or cigars.

An abrupt turn then led over rough ground, the lower folds of the Umm Furut, where a great granite gorge, the Nakb Abu Shar, ran up to a depression in the dorsum, an apparently practicable Col. Suddenly the rocks assumed the quaintest hues and forms.

"I have now delivered my whole message, sir, and have only to add that I hope, for Miss Day's sake, there will be no difficulty thrown in the way of the execution of her father's last wishes, which are also, sir, very decidedly her own" said Traverse. "Umm! doubtless they are and also yours and your worthy mother's." "Sir, Miss Day's will in this matter is certainly mine.