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"Sauf your reverence," answered De Graville, "not wholly for reason different from those that bring thee hither.

At last, I staked all that remained in one coup, and lost; when, drawing forth my own purse, I was about to make another bet, "No, no, Burke," whispered he in my ear; "I was only waiting for this moment. Let us come away now. I rise as I sat down, Messieurs," he said, gayly; while he added, in a lower tone, "Sauf l'honneur."

"Who came with you?" De Arthenay continued. "Who are your folks?" Marie shook her head, and a light crept into her eyes as she thought of Le Boss. "I have nobodies'" she said. "I am with myself, sauf le violon; I mean, wiz my fiddle. Monsieur likes not music, no?" She looked wistfully at him, and something seemed to rise up in the man's throat and choke him.

She wasn't one of the adventurous women to jump the bars, the gate had to be pushed open, and he did it. There she is; and I ask you, would my brother Rowsley let his wife be intimate with her? And there are others. And, sauf votre respect, the men Morsfield for one, Randeller another!" "They have a wholesome dread of the lion."

Daphne the skimmer of many books remembered how Renan sain et sauf had sent a challenge to his own end, and defying the possible weakness of age and sickness, had demanded to be judged by the convictions of life, and not by the terrors of death. She tried to fortify her own mind by the recollection. The first days of June broke radiantly over the great gorge and the woods which surround it.

'Je ne sache pas que Reeve ait ecrit aucun ouvrage de longue haleine, sauf certaines traductions difficiles, importantes: quelques-unes rappellent a cette compagnie des noms qui lui sont chers la "Vie de Washington," par Guizot; la "Democratic," de Tocqueville, un de ses plus intimes amis.

Gude sauf us, ir ye a gentleman's brood, that ye will kick an' cuff a lad when he's down?" When I heard this kind and unexpected interference, I began once more to value myself on my courage, and, springing up, I made at my adversary; but John, without saying a word, bit his lip, and seizing me by the neck threw me down.

Anone with al cam there vpon hym two grete gyaunts wel armed al sauf the hedes, with two horryble clubbes in theyr handes. Syre Launcelot put his sheld afore hym and put the stroke aweye of the one gyaunt, and with his swerd he clafe his hede a sondre.

"Here," observed the French captain, handing Vavel a paper, "is the sauf conduit." Ludwig Vavel looked at this document a long time. "Do you doubt the assurance of a French officer, monsieur?" asked the captain. "No; I was just unable to understand why a word had been used here. I dare say it is a mistake. But no matter. I am greatly obliged to you."

Je te donnerai tout ce que tu demanderas, sauf une chose. Je te donnerai tout ce que je possede, sauf une vie. Je te donnerai le manteau du grand pretre. Je te donnerai le voile du sanctuaire. Salome. Ah! tu n'as pas voulu me laisser baiser ta bouche, Iokanaan. Eh bien! je la baiserai maintenant. Je la mordrai avec mes dents comme on mord un fruit mur. Oui, je baiserai ta bouche, Iokanaan.