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It threatened, in fact, to rob them of their chief agents of intrigue; but their alarm proved needless, as the plan was not carried into execution. [Footnote 96: Daudin, prêtre,

"It is very hard on you to get such a letter," he said, with a ring of true sympathy in his voice and more expression than usual in his face. "I wish I had not come in and disturbed you; I wish you had a woman friend here instead." "I don't," said Molly quickly. "Don't go yet. I can say as little as I like with you, and then I'm going to church to hear the bon petit prêtre preach."

The province of New Mexico, notwithstanding its remoteness from the nation's capital, was always affected by, and followed, its political fortunes. When the parti pretre was in power at the capital, its adherents became the rulers in the distant States for the time being; and when the Patriots, or Liberals, gained the upper hand this role was reversed.

Je te donnerai tout ce que tu demanderas, sauf une chose. Je te donnerai tout ce que je possede, sauf une vie. Je te donnerai le manteau du grand pretre. Je te donnerai le voile du sanctuaire. Salome. Ah! tu n'as pas voulu me laisser baiser ta bouche, Iokanaan. Eh bien! je la baiserai maintenant. Je la mordrai avec mes dents comme on mord un fruit mur. Oui, je baiserai ta bouche, Iokanaan.

The manner of his death, however, gainsayed the calumny; although so slight had been the respect felt for his sacred office, that the ex-Queen Marguerite had no sooner taken possession of his hôtel, than the following placard was found affixed to the entrance-gate: "Comme Reine, tu devais être En ta royale maison; Comme , c'est bien raison Que tu loge an logis d'un prêtre."

At the moment Nona did not feel that she had the courage to ask where the young man had gone nor from what he was trying to recover. Actually it was one afternoon in late February, when the three Red Cross girls and Sonya came at last to the village of Le Pretre, near the forest of the same name.

As a result the pair concluded that I should seek out the Prior, since the Abbot was from home, and lay my case immediately before him. 'C'est mon conseil comme ancien militaire, observed the commandant; 'et celui de monsieur comme pretre. 'Oui, added the cure, sententiously nodding; 'comme ancien militaire et comme pretre.

Farther north on this section the French pressed on and gained a little ground near the German fortress Metz; but the very vicinity of this fortress counterbalanced this gain. German lookouts, wearing the distinctive spiked German helmet, are stationed in a treetop overlooking the battle front. On January 21, 1915, the Germans recaptured the Le Prêtre woods near St.

Foot by foot we had driven the Germans out of the forest of Le Prêtre; and when the winter came down on us we had brought up behind the ridge overlooking the Moselle, with the enemy on the other side, fifteen miles away from Metz.

There are dozens of yards of this matchless guipure, but, of course, few eyes are ever rejoiced by the sight of it; and as I turned from one treasure to another, gold and silver ecclesiastical ornaments, carved ivory coffers, enamels, cameos, embroideries, inlaid reliquaries and tapestries, I was reminded of a passage in Victor Hugo's last poem Le Pape wherein the Pope of his imagination, thus makes appeal to the Cardinals and Bishops in conclave: "Pretre, a qui donc as-tu pris tes richesses?