In the Rinkabilly watershed, eighty miles away, he built his reservoir, and for eighty miles the huge wooden conduit carried the water across country to Ophir. Estimated at three millions, the reservoir and conduit cost nearer four. Nor did he stop with this. Electric power plants were installed, and his workings were lighted as well as run by electricity.

Ah, Lycinus, 'tis but a fledgeling of mine; 'tis all incondite. Ly. O ho, conduits that is your subject, is it? Lex. You mistake me; I said nothing of conduits; you are behind the times; incondite 'tis the word we use now when a thing lacks the finishing touches. But you are the deaf adder that stoppeth her ears. Ly. I beg your pardon, my dear fellow; but conduit, incondite, you know.

As he experimented on a rising pipe, it is necessary to introduce into the formula the difference of level, h, between the two ends; it then becomes The following are the details of the experiments: First series of experiments: Conduit consisting of cast or wrought iron pipes, joined by means of flanges, bolts, and gutta percha rings. D = 0.20 m. Cent. Cent. Cent.

On this almost weightless world, where the great ships weighing hundreds of thousands of tons on a planet, weighed so little they were frequently moved about by a single man, the laying of five miles of water conduit was no impossibility. Then they were ready. Mars Center came first. Automatic devices kept the aim exact, as the first of the magnetic bombs started down.

But it was no more than the bursting out of an irrepressible fountain, and it would have flowed as clearly and sweetly through a new wood conduit of to-day as through the polished golden channel which lay there for it. She must love, and love the best, and if only the best had been younger, fitter!

The water discharged from them, too, from the want of a proper conduit, disfigures the front of the boiler, and adds to the corrosion in the ash pits.

While the huge steel plant at Harrisville was being constructed, a large force of men were building a conduit to protect copper tubes, from the steel plant to the coal fields. At the mines hundreds of miners were set at work, several shafts were sunk, and tunnels, levels, and winzes were developed.

But the chief beauty of that wonderful conception of an empassioned and meditative mind is to be found in the inimitable manner in which the thoughts are embodied, and in the tenderness, the truth, the profundity of the thoughts themselves: when Lord Edouard says, 'c'est le chemin des passions qui m'a conduit a la philosophie, he inculcates, in one simple phrase, a profound and unanswerable truth.

"The Lord Mayor and Aldermen and many worshipful persons rode to the conduit heads to see them, according to the old custom; and then they went and hunted a hare before dinner and killed her, and thence went to dinner at the Banqueting House at the head of the conduit, where a great number were handsomely entertained by their Chamberlain. After dinner they went to hunt the fox.

The man you've described the man who came here last night is Godwin Markham, the Conduit Street money-lender damn him!" If Mr. Leopold Castlemayne's last word was expressive, his next actions were suggestive and significant.