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In this cytee is the Sege of the grete Cane in a fulle gret palays, and the most passynge fair in alle the world: of the whiche the walles ben in circuyt more than 2 myle: and within the walles, it is alle fulle of other palays.

So get thy best dresses and jewels in order, and look thyself; proud as any in the land. A simple burgher's daughter now, Grete; but so shalt thou not end, my butterfly, or there's neither worth nor wit in Gottlieb Groschen! 'Three days! Margarita exclaimed; 'and the helm not finished, and the tapestry-pieces not sewed and joined, and the water not shaded off. Oh! I must work night and day.

After they had come back from taking his father to bed Gregor's mother and sister would now leave their work where it was and sit close together, cheek to cheek; his mother would point to Gregor's room and say "Close that door, Grete", and then, when he was in the dark again, they would sit in the next room and their tears would mingle, or they would simply sit there staring dry-eyed at the table.

It lies there under the Wolfsberg. With a few cannon like Paul Grete, the Margrave's treasure, Duke Casimir could lay our houses in ruins. Therefore, in the meantime, let us not break out against Duke Casimir. But one day there will come an end to the tyrant Duke. Tiles will not always break harmless on helmets, nor the point of steel always be turned aside by links of chain-armor.

All the same, I tried to answer my companion. "Little Maid!" said I, "let me be your maid and your father. I will gladly get you all you want. But your good father has gone on a weary journey, and it will be long ere he can hope to return." "Well," she said, "send lazy Grete, then.

So when he went in with his dish, the peasant nudged his wife, and said: 'Grete, that is the second. This servant was equally alarmed, and he got out as fast as he could.

The way she does her hair is hideous, parted and brushed quite smooth, with two pigtails. I've given them up long ago, though everyone said they suited me very well. But "snails" suit me a great deal better. He looked across at me the whole time, and Aunt Alma said: "Grete is blossoming out, I hope there's not a man in the case already."

And when the first servant came with a dish of delicate fare, the peasant nudged his wife, and said: 'Grete, that was the first, meaning that was the servant who brought the first dish.

His figure was shapely; he had no difficulty then in seeing his own knee, and if he was not able, as he afterwards asserted, to creep through an alderman's ring, nevertheless he had all the grace and activity of youth. Of his stature he was of even lengthe, And wonderly deliver, and grete of strengthe.

'Safe? cried Gottlieb; 'where is she, my Grete? Farina briefly explained. Gottlieb spread out his arms, and was going to thank the youth. He saw Father Gregory, and his whole frame narrowed with disgust. 'Are you in company with that pestilent animal, that curse of Cologne! 'The good Monk , said Farina. 'You are leagued with him, then, sirrah! Expect no thanks from me.