Joy spread over his countenance in waves. When he saw me leaning up against the store, he came right out where I was and said, 'Look hyah, suh; I was pow'ful uncivil to you this mo'nin', suh. I want to beg yo' pa'don. No gentleman has a right to insult another, but I was so infernally mad this mo'nin' when you spoke to me, suh, that I couldn't be civil. That confounded Yankee tune just riled me.

He allows the preacher may be a pow'ful exhorter but he ain't worth much at 'works." "Some men can't bear to be around when a woman's up to that sort of foolishness," said the widow, with a faint attempt at a smile, but a return of her paleness. "Hadn't you better lie down again?" said the doctor solicitously. "I'm all right now," returned Mrs.

When yo' come again, sah, yo' 'll find de Widder Glencoe on de sideboard." "Has the colonel many friends here?" "Mos' de ole ones bin done gone, sah, and de Kernel don' cotton to de new. He don' mix much in sassiety till de bank settlements bin gone done. Skuse me, sah! but you don' happen to know when dat is? It would be a pow'ful heap off de Kernel's mind if it was done.

When you know her story as I do, when you know she was made a wife afore she ever knew what it was to be a young woman, when you know that the man she married never understood the kind o' critter he was tied to no more than ef he'd been a steer yoked to a Morgan colt, when ye know she had children growin' up around her afore she had given over bein' a sort of child herself, when ye know she worked and slaved for that man and those children about the house her heart, her soul, and all her pow'ful mind bein' all the time in the woods along with the flickering leaves and the shadders, when ye mind she couldn't get the small ways o' the ranch because she had the big ways o' Natur' that made it, then you'll understand her."

He knew how matters stood between the young lady and Tom Bannister, and there arose in his mind a vivid sense of the danger that might result to his own and Colonel Sommerton's plans from a disclosure of this one vital detail. Would Phyllis tell her lover? Barnaby shook his head in a dubious way. "Gals is pow'ful onsartin so dey is," he muttered.

"You don't mean to say you are going to church!" "Dat's jus' wot I's gwine to do, Miss Annie. I's gwine to chu'ch ter-morrer mawnin'. Dar's gwine to be a big preachin'. Brudder Enick Hines is to be dar, an' dey tell me dey allus has pow'ful wakenin's when Brudder Enick preaches. I ain't ever heered Brudder Enick yit, coz he was a little boy when I use to go to chu'ch."

"'Pears to me they had pow'ful cur'us ways uv fightin'. Think uv a feller, when he feels like takin' a scalp, comin' out before the hull army an' beatin' a big brass shield till it rattled like a tin pan, an' then, when he got 'em all to lookin' an' listenin', hollerin' at the top uv his voice, 'I'm A-Killus, Defyer uv the Lightnin', Slayer uv the Trojans, the terriblest fighter the world ever seed!

Ez to our motives, well, we've got a good deal to say about THAT. We reckoned that he wasn't exackly the kind of man we wanted for a neighbor. His pow'ful fightin' style didn't suit us peaceful folks, and we thought it rather worked agin this new 'law and order' racket to have such a man about, to say nuthin' of it prejudicin' quiet settlers.

"I'm thinkin'," said Shif'less Sol, "that after a night like the one Henry has had he'll be pow'ful hungry fur somethin' better than cold ven'son." "Mebbe so," rejoined Long Jim, "an' mebbe it's true uv all uv us, but whar are we goin' to git it?"

Now when you're ready we'll move along; but don't be in no rush. It's too pow'ful warm to rush." Indeed it was warm, and the girls, who had changed to some of their summer garments, felt the truth of this. "Oh, for a lawn waist and a white skirt, low canvas shoes and a palm leaf fan!" sighed Mollie, as they drove beneath great trees that tempered the heat of the sun.