But it's a great trouble to remember, and I like a rest from being pertickler at home. You needn't be so cross. Why, there's a boy at school, older than me, who calls the sun the "fun" he does really. 'Well, I know papa and mamma would like you to speak well, said Jacinth, 'so you should try for their sake.

There's a lady come, sir, and she wishes to speak to you particular. An angry movement inside. 'I'm busy. Send her away. 'I've got her card here, sir, said Mrs. Flint, dropping her voice. 'It's a queer name, sir somethin furrin Madam somethin. She says it's most pertickler. I was to tell you she'd only got home to-day, from abroad. A sudden noise inside. The door was opened. 'Where is she?

Meynell stood motionless. But the mind reacted in a flash. He thought "Now I shall know what she told him in those two hours!" "The Rector will be back, sir, direckly. I was to I tell you so pertickler. They had 'im out to a man in the Row, who's been drinkin' days, and was goin' on shockin' his wife was afraid to stop in the house. But he won't be long, sir."

An' I can't git any breath." "Mebbe you'll be better," said Wilson, with a cheerfulness his face belied. Moze bent close over Anson, took a short scrutiny of that ghastly face, at the blood-stained lips, and the lean hands plucking at nothing. Then he jerked erect. "Shady, he's goin' to cash. Let's clear out of this." "I'm yours pertickler previous," replied Jones. Both turned away.

"Thy way happens to be my way, 's Rewth said to Naomi; so 'f gittin' over the road's your objeck, 'n' y' ain't pertickler 'baout the gait ye travel, ye can git in 'n' ride a piece. We don't b'lieve in hurryin', Mariar 'n' me. Slow 'n' easy goes fur in a day, 's our motto. Can ye git your folks aboard withaout spillin' any of 'em?"

'Well, there ain't no crime in giving a wrong address, the man said. 'What business have you with where I live? You don't pay for my lodging, anyhow. 'Where were you born? Mrs. Sarrasin asked. 'Why, in London, to be sure. 'In the East End? 'So I'm told I don't myself remember. 'Well, look here, will you just say a few words after me? 'I ain't got no pertickler objection.

I took to the pore bloke some'ow I allus feels pertickler sorry fur wounded Fritzes, I dunno why. I 'xpect 'e's got a missis an' kiddies just like meself.... Good-night!" "Good-night," I answered, and added mentally: "Your profession of soldier, the most degrading on earth, has not degraded you.

"If you've a mind to liken yourself to one of those dreadful creatures that are always nibbling, I don't choose to be called a cat." "I aren't a bit pertickler what you call me, ma'rm," replied the American very good-humouredly, "although I confess I am a bit partial to nibblin' when thar's anything good to eat!"

As fer Mary, I says, 'she seems kinder low in her mind, looks awful pestered most of the time. 'It won't hurt her, says the lady. 'Keep a' eye on 'em, says she, puttin' some money in my hand, an' if you need any more, I'll leave it with Mrs. Reddin'. Then she cautioned me pertickler not to say nothin' 'bout her havin' been here."

He glared down the table, but finally turned again to Sandy. "You ain't pertickler busy 'bout now, so ther's thirty dollars a week says you ken hev the job. An' I'll give you a percentage o' the gold you wash up," he added dryly. "You on?" Sandy nodded. He didn't quite understand his friend's game. This was the first he had heard of Bill having acquired a claim and on the river, too.