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They move a bosom steel'd to bear Its own unwonted load of care, That will not bend beneath despair Rise, dearest, rise. Life's but a troubled dream at best; These comes a time when grief shall rest, Kind, faithful hearts shall yet be bless'd 'Neath brighter skies! Oh Nature! in thy ever-varying face, By rocky shore, or 'neath the forest tree, What love divine, what matchless skill, I trace!

Hereupon she took up the letter, and, yet singing, crumpled it up within white fingers. Then Beltane set by the table and reaching out sudden arms, caught her up 'neath waist and knee, and lifting her high, crushed her upon his breast. "Helen!" said he, low-voiced and fierce, "mine art thou as I am thine, forever, 'twas so we plighted our troth within the green.

I never thought that he could come out of the water, but somehow he has jumped out, and now he wants to come in here." At that moment there was another knock, and a voice said, "King's daughter, youngest, Open the door. Hast thou forgotten Thy promises made At the fountain so clear 'Neath the lime-tree's shade? King's daughter, youngest, Open the door."

No more to his herds he sings, that beloved herdsman, no more 'neath the lonely oaks he sits and sings, nay, but by Pluteus's side he chants a refrain of oblivion. The mountains too are voiceless: and the heifers that wander by the bulls lament and refuse their pasture. Begin, ye Sicilian Muses, begin the dirge.

It was but a poor place for the horses to graze, on account of the glen being so stony and confined, but there was no occasion for them to ramble far to get plenty of grass, or a shady place either. We had some dinner and a most agreeable rest, "'Neath the gum-trees' shade reclining, Where the dark green foliage twining, Screened us from the fervid shining Of the noontide sun."

"Enough!" cried Beltane frowning, "on me let her bewitchments fall; thus, see you, an I within this next week wither and languish 'neath her spells, then let her burn an ye will: but until this flesh doth shrivel on these my bones, no man shall do her hurt. So now let there be an end free these women, let your ranks be ordered, and march "

For all forbiddal thou persistest more, * And my sole grace it is to keep it hid; Then hide thy love nor ever dare reveal, * For an thou speak, of thee I'll soon be rid If to thy silly speech thou turn anew, * Ravens shall croak for thee the wold amid: And Death shall come and beat thee down ere long, * Put out of sight and bury 'neath an earthen lid: Thy folk, fond fool! thou'lt leave for thee to mourn, * And through their lives to sorrow all forlorn."

Reaching the summit at last I must needs stay awhile to catch my breath and shelter me as well as I might 'neath the weather bank, for upon this eminence the rain lashed and the wind smote me with a fury redoubled.

'Twas Nature saying by trope and metaphor: "Behold, when empire against empire strives, Though all else perish, ground 'neath iron war, The golden thought survives." Although, with the exception of his marriage and travels in America, Mr. Watson's verse tells us little of the facts of his life, few poets have ever revealed more of the history of their mind.

The one thing we need, then, almost more than all others just now, is to be led by the truth, and have the truth make us free from the errors and the burdens of the past, so that we may place ourselves truly at the disposal of God for the service of our fellows. O star of truth down-shining, Through clouds of doubt and fear, I ask but 'neath your guidance My pathway may appear.

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