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The Chevalier shrugged his shoulders and looked uneasy. "C'est vrai" he acknowledged, more unwillingly than ever, "J'ai des vertiges." My father relinquished his hold and scribbled a rapid prescription. "There, sir," said he, "get that preparation made up, and when you next feel as you felt just now, drink a wine-glassful. I should recommend you to keep some always at hand, in case of emergency.

In the barrack where they were cutting up bread for the prisoners, we asked the men if they deeply regretted their captivity. They replied unanimously that they were "rather glad to be well fed," which seemed an answer in itself. They did not, however, appreciate the white bread and stated that they preferred their own black bread. The French officers commanding the camp treat the prisoners as naughty children who must be "kept in the corner" and punished for their own good. In all my travels through France I have never seen any bitterness shown towards the prisoners. I remember once at Nevers we passed a group of German prisoners, and amongst them was a wounded man who was lying in a small cart. A handbag had fallen across his leg, and none of his comrades attempted to remove it. A French woman, pushing her way between the guards, lifted it off and gave it to one of the Germans to carry. When the guards tried to remonstrate, she replied simply, "J'ai un fils prisonnier l

I know I should have translated it to them: you remember what admirable work I used to make of such stories in broken Italian. I have heard old Churchill tell Bussy English puns out of jest-books: particularly a reply about eating hare, which he translated, "j'ai mon ventre plein de poil." Adieu! ARLINGTON STREET, March 29, 1745.

Her ladies of honor obeyed her as they would their God. Marguerite of Valois said of her: "I did not dare to speak to her, and when she looked at me I trembled for fear of having done something that displeased her." Ladies who had been delinquent were stripped and beaten with lashes; for correctionfrequently for mere pastimeshe would have them undressed and slapped vigorously with the back of the hand. Françoise of Rohan, cousin of Jeanne d'Albret, wrote the following poem: "Plus j'ai de toi souvent esté battue, Plus mon amour s'efforce et s'évertue De regretter ceste main qui me bat; Car ce mal-l

Je ne suis pas du tout fatigue, ce qui semble indiquer une augmentation de force, car tu sais que les longs voyages me fatiguent generalement beaucoup. Je suis alle ce matin des 8 h. chez Delatre ou j'ai fait tirer mes planches. On fait le tirage de suite et les livraisons paraitront cette semaine.

There was a time when Racine was looked upon as old-fashioned, as conventional, as frigid. It is realised nowadays that his verse has cadences like the cadences of Verlaine, that his language is as simple and direct as prose, and that he is one of the most passionate of poets. Of the character of Phèdre Racine tells us that it is "ce que j'ai peut-être mis de plus raisonnable sur le théâtre."

"Mind you have a man from the farm to sleep in the house every night. It would be well for him to have the gun loaded, only take care the children don't get at it. My health is still tolerably good, sufficiently so for me to get easily through what I have to do." But the next news was far from being so satisfactory. "J'ai des nouvelles de West Lodge qui sont vraiment tristes.

Vous savez comment j'ai connu Fleeming Jenkin! C'était en Mai 1878. Nous étions tous deux membres du jury de l'Exposition Universelle. On n'avait rien fait qui vaille

La fut mon lit, bien chetif et bien dur; La fut ma table; et je retrouve encore Trois pieds d'un vers charbonnes sur le mur. Apparaissez, plaisirs de mon bel age, Que d'un coup d'aile a fustiges le temps, Vingt fois pour vous j'ai mis ma montre en gage. Dans un grenier qu'on est bien a vingt ans!

I loved my first husband with a depth of passion which he could not appreciate, and I was in an agony of despair when six months after our marriage he told me that he loved me no longer, and was dying for the Countess Luwiendo. She was my bosom friend, so you can imagine my grief; mais j'ai su faire bonne mine a mauvais jeux.