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Aujourd'hui je me rends au Musee, et j'ai pu ecrire. "Mon oncle est arrive hier soir, il partage mon salon, mais je lui ai loue une chambre-a-coucher dans la maison voisine. Il ne parait pas trop abattu; nous causons beaucoup et je tache de l'egayer autant que sa position le permet.

We never now find an English critic writing such notes, common till lately in France, as "cela n'est pas français," "cela ne se dit pas," "il faut écrire" such and such a phrase, and not the phrase used by the poet receiving chastisement. But Johnson does conclude his plays of Shakespeare with such remarks as: "The conduct of this play is deficient." "The passions are directed to their true end."

'Une plume pour écrire l'Histoire de la France! 'Un cahier pour la même! And the intending historian of France, even with his imported pen and paper-book, and also three shirts and some pairs of socks, was allowed to go to his dinner, with his magasin in his hand, and start by the first conveyance; while his less fortunate fellow-travellers had to dine in absence of their luggage, and perhaps give the town that had the honour of being their landing-place, the profit of their company for the night.

The French writer Buffon said: "Bien écrire, c'est tout; car bien écrire c'est bien sentir, bien penser, et bien dire." ... Let the artist then, by all means, make his work impeccable, clothe his ideas, feelings, visions, in just such garments as can withstand the winds of criticism. He himself must be his cruellest critic.

Blind forces in themselves; shaping thoughts as they shaped features and battled for the moulding of constitution and the mingling of temperament. Philosophy and poetry came to me before I knew their names. Je fis mes premiers vers, sans savoir les ecrire. Not verses so much as the stuff that verses are made of.

Here was baptized Thibault VI., the song-maker, the lover of art, the patron of letters, and the importer into Europe of the famous Provence rose; of Thibault's poetic creations an old chronicler wrote: "C'etait les plus belles chansons, les plus delectables et melodieuses qui oncques fussent ouises en chansons et instruments, et il les fit ecrire en la salle de Provins et en celle de Troyes."

A ship's clerk is a useful person, but he is scarcely the captain; and an orderly-room writer, however smart he may be, is not the colonel. You see, the writer class in India has never till now aspired to anything like command. It wasn't allowed to. The Indian gentleman, for thousands of years past, has resembled Victor Hugo's noble: 'Un vrai sire Chatelain Laisse ecrire Le vilain.

The affair was reported to Chanzy, who thereupon wrote an indignant letter to the German general commanding at Vendome. It was carried thither by a certain M. de Vezian, a civil engineer attached to Chanzy's staff, who brought back the following reply: "Recu une lettre du General Chanzy. Un general prussien ne sachant pas ecrire une lettre de tel genre, ne saurait y faire une reponse par ecrit.

"'Je fis mes premiers vers sans savoir les ecrire." "I am not a very good French scholar, said I; perhaps you will be kind enough to translate that line for me. "'Certainly. With pleasure. I made my first verses without knowing how to write them. "How interesting! But I never heard of Louise Colet. Who was she? "My man was pleased to gi-ve me a piece of literary information.

Je ne vous charge de rien pour M. Gladstone, parce que je me donne la satisfaction de lui ecrire par cette meme occasion. J'espere que nous le reverrons bientot au ministere. Je ne crains pas de vous importuner en vous parlant ainsi de ce qui me touche si profondement: je sais la part que vous prenez a tout ce qui est douleur et confiance en Dieu, par Jesus Christ.