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He rose and led the way into the library, where he opened his desk, produced a ledger, and wrote down the amount in a fine hand. "Susan Brady, three dollars and thirty-five cents. I'll put it in the savings bank to-day. That makes twenty-two dollars and forty cents for Sue. She's growing rich." "Some man'll get it," said Sally. "Sally," said Mr. Bentley, turning in his chair, "Mr.

Bobbie began to breathe naturally, and a beatific smile touched the corners of his lips. "I got so many stars to-day, Jinnie," he quavered, "one slipped right down my throat." "But you mustn't be scared again, Bobbie! If we stay, the black man'll come back and shake you again and take us to some place that'll make us both sick.

"There, kid!" he said, holding out the two fattest and whitest cakes to Santa Claus's champion; "there's yer Christmas. Run along, now, to yer barracks; and you, Jim, here's one for you, though yer don't desarve it. Mind ye let the kid alone." "This one'll have to do for me grub, I guess. I ain't sold me 'Newses, and the ole man'll kick if I bring 'em home."

Dock looks pretty tough, John must have been out surfacing track, ain't been wiped in Lord knows when, oiled a good deal, but nary a wipe, jacket rusted and streaked, tire double flanged, valves blowin', packing down, don't seem to steam, maybe's had poor coal, or is all limed up. He's got to go through the back shop 'efore the old man'll ever let him into the roundhouse.

And taking Rolls affectionately by the arm, the other rushed him out of the club. "House shut up, you know. But I stay there. My man'll let us in the basement way, if you don't mind," Logan explained disjointedly as they hurried along the street to the dwelling four doors away.

Uncle Joseph had telephoned from a suburb that they were dining at a farmhouse and would thence descend to the general region of the movies. "Nobody knows what that man'll do, when he decides to!" Aunt Carrie said nervously. "Letting the poor child stay up so late! She ought to be in bed this minute, even if it is Saturday night!

Crew thinks him enough eddicated even for the Ministry. He does, and that's a smart lot. I guess he'll get along all right." Delighted with the expression of intent happiness in his daughter's eyes, he continued: "He's young yet, and couldn't be expected to hev done the studyin' and law and everythin'. You kin be sartin that the old man'll do all he knows to help start you fair. All I kin.

Ye see we a' ken we ha'e dune wrang, but we ha'ena a' confessed. An' it's a queer thing, but a man'll think it gran' o' 's neebour to confess, whan a' the time there's something he winna repent o' himsel' for fear o' the shame o' ha'ein' to confess 't. To me, the shame lies in no confessin' efter ye ken ye're wrang. Ye'll see, sir, the fisher fowk 'll min' what ye say to them a heap better noo."

He paused there, and his tone altered when he continued: "Thet paper'll lay whar no man won't nuver see hit save myself unless ye breaks yore word. Ef I gits murdered, one man'll know whar thet paper's at but not what's in hit. He'll give hit over ter ther Harpers an' they'll straightway hunt ye down an' kill ye like a mad dog. What does ye say?"

You think your leg's broken? Well you've got another, haven't you? Get up and break that. Keep your neck till you get a stripped saddle and no reins.... Don't embrace the horse like that, you pawn-shop, I can hear it blushing.... Send for the key and get inside it.... Keep those fine feet forward. "What? The horse refuse? One of my horses refuse? If the man'll jump, the horse'll jump.