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At daylight Monday morning he was on the way, and when the various boys he met the day before said good-bye to him and wished him good luck, he felt that his stay at Tinch's had not been without benefits of some sort. He had made some boy friends, and he was four dollars richer, Archie was sensible enough, too, to realise that his experience would be a valuable one to him in the future.

Indeed, there is a song on it which you should know, and which runs So my little human race, both you that have read this book and you that have not, good-bye in charity. I loved you all as I wrote. Did you all love me as much as I have loved you, by the black stone of Rennes I should be rich by now. Indeed, indeed, I have loved you all!

There was a tone in her voice as she spoke which almost upset him; or, I should rather say, which almost put him up upon his legs and made him speak; but its ultimate effect was less powerful. "Do you?" said he, as he held her hand for a few happy seconds. "And I'm sure I hope you'll always be happy. Good-bye, Lily."

"Why, friend, your face is familiar to me. How are you named?" "Have you forgotten Saduko?" he said in a pained voice. "No, no, of course not," I answered. "I know you now, although you seem somewhat changed since we went out hunting and fighting together I suppose because you are fatter. I trust that you are well, Saduko? Good-bye. I must be going back to my wagons.

As I was leaving, I pressed his hand significantly, and informed him that I wanted to have a little talk with him ... that was all.... 'Good-bye! I said to Varia. 'Till we meet! said she. I will not keep you long in suspense, gentlemen; I am afraid of exhausting your patience....We never met again. I never went back to Ivan Semyonitch's.

Steiner good-bye and thanked her for her kindness to them, and she in turn invited them to come to visit her whenever their parents were willing. "Your dog is young, I think," remarked the old gentleman. "Yes," replied Fritz, "he is young, but he is very smart." "Indeed!" commented the old gentleman. "In what way has he given evidence of his intelligence?"

She drew his hand to her lips, but he caught it away, and pressed a last kiss upon them. "Good-bye, my own darling! my life angel!" She heard his step across the hall; a moment after, the tramp of his horse, as he galloped down the avenue, and she knew that the one happy hour of her life had passed that the rent sepulchre of silence must be re-sealed.

I feel as if you had taken my life into your hands and had the right to dispose of it. I am going. If I escape Oh, I can't write any more; but I know you will understand. You are the most wonderful girl, the bravest, the most generous, in the whole world Good-bye." Celia sank into the chair and, with the scrawl tightly clenched in her hand, burst into tears.

Good-bye, and thanks for SUCH a pleasant afternoon! But her skirts had hardly ceased to rustle in the passage before the Browning Society had been dissolved by a two-thirds' vote of the total membership. 'What is the use? cried Mrs. Beecher. 'Two lines have positively made my head ache, and there are two volumes. 'We must change our poet. 'His verbosity! cried Mrs. Beecher.

God bless you for giving it to me, Mary! good-bye, my dear!" "Not good-bye, David!" she cried. "No not good-bye!" "Yes good-bye!" he said, and then, as another strong shudder convulsed him, he made a last feeble effort to lay his head against her bosom. "Don't let me go, Mary! Hold me! closer! closer! Your heart is warm, ah, so warm, Mary! and death is cold cold !"