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"Good-bye, my wandering gipsy, my witch, my runaway!" "If you call me names I'll have to stop your mouth, sir. Again another " A voice cried, "Stand back there!" The young clergyman drew the girl back from the bulwarks, and the steamer moved slowly away. "I'll go below no, I won't; I'll stay on deck. I'll go ashore I can't bear it; it's not too late yet.

"Miss Grant?" I cried, all in a disorder. "Yes, I asked her to kiss me good-bye, the which she did." "Ah, well!" said she, "you have kissed me too, at all events." At the strangeness and sweetness of that word, I saw where we had fallen; rose, and set her on her feet. "This will never do," said I. "This will never, never do. O Catrine, Catrine!"

Then the bird-boy waved good-bye to his two little ragged foster-brothers, who were howling as if their hearts would break, and rode away with the King. In a few hours the company came to a splendid castle of shining white stone, standing in beautiful green gardens running down to the sea.

In our Sunday-school we sing about the same hymns we used to sing when in the Refuge, and there is three of us 'Home' boys go to that Sunday-school. We have seven head of horn-cattle, five horses, ten sheep, and six lambs, thirty-six hens, forty-four hen chickens, two geese, and nine goslings, two pigs, and one calf, so I will say good-bye for the present. I remain, yours sincerely,

Come to see me to-morrow, and bring your gun along with you. We will talk this over, my boy. Good-bye. Go and sell your chamois in Grenoble." The two horsemen went on their way. "That is what I call a man," said Genestas. "A man in a bad way," answered Benassis. "But what help is there for it? You heard what he said. Is it not lamentable to see such fine qualities running to waste?

When "Fire-Flint" Larocque said good-bye to his parents, up in the Red River Valley, and started forth for his first term in an Eastern college, he knew that the next few years would be a fight to the very teeth.

If death awaits me, it will be sweet; for it will come, tonight, in the supreme service of the human race! Good-bye!" With a sudden motion, the girl took his face between her hands, and kissed his forehead. For all her courage and strength, he sensed her heart wildly beating and he felt her tears. "Good-bye, Gabriel," she breathed. "Would I might go with you!

You must help him through. He heard scandal about Mennaval last night at De Lancy Scovel's. He didn't believe it. It rests with you to give it all the lie. Good-bye." That had been the end the black, bitter end. Since then Ian had never spoken a word to her, nor she to him; but he had stood there in the shadow at the station like a ghost, reproachful, unresponsive, indifferent.

Nat had sunk into the sleep of exhaustion long before, and now he stood grasping Scarlett's hands in his. "Some day," said the latter, sadly, "this war must end, and then we may meet again." "And not till then, Scar, for I can I must do no more. Good-bye."

And then, all at once, I started, for a thought ran of its own accord like a dagger straight into my heart. And I exclaimed: Alas! I had forgotten. How in the world am I ever to see her again? And she said: Good-bye! Can it be that she intended I was never to return?